The University of Glasgow opened a one day course for students called “the Simpsons”: an introduction to philosophy.” Guide him will be Dr. John Donaldson. To attend a one-day course will be able to attend during the week starting 14 January 2017, reports the British The Guardian.

Got to the course, students rest of the day to learn the questions of morality, religion, free will on the basis of the statements and reasoning of the characters of the series, to learn the ethics Homer from the point of view of Aristotle, to compare the thoughts of Maggie with ancient Eastern world, trying to find out what is missing Bart is to become the Nietzschean Superman, to compare the influence of Jan Calvin and Thomas Aquinas on the religious beliefs of ned Flanders, etc.

The popular TV series “the Simpsons” Matt Groening for the past two decades is the starting point for a number of philosophical thoughts of several dozen teachers from various universities in the world.

The philosophy of the Simpsons already published works of William Irwin, Mark Conrad, Raja Halwani and Aeon Scoble. According to the author of the present course of lectures at Glasgow University, John Donaldson, in each series, the Matt Groening shows that he is familiar with philosophy, and studied it. That is why “the Simpsons” became a significant phenomenon in pop culture.

Note that the Russian culturologist Alexander Pavlov also believes that to study philosophy on the example of analysis of a popular American series not only possible, but necessary. According to him, this idea is nothing new, according to the”national news service”.

“Credit for “the Simpsons” you can put that in the beginning of XX century in the West began to appear a series of “Philosophy and popular culture”, the second volume of which, edited by John Erwin was devoted to the Simpsons. And then there’s the authors illustrated some philosophical ideas with the characters of the series,” recalled Pavlov.

By the way, earlier students of the University of California, Berkeley, who is considered one of the best American public universities, had the opportunity to enroll in a philosophy course based on the TV series “the Simpsons.”

Modern TV in General has a significant impact on the curriculum of many universities in the UK and the USA. Last year it became known that the University of Berkeley opened to his students and a course on the study of the universe of the series “Game of thrones”.

At the Department of cinematography and media will explore the reasons for the popularity of the series and compare the universe of George Martin with the cycle of legends about king Arthur and the knights of the Round table, and also with the trilogy “the Lord of the rings” JRR Tolkien.

In the list of mandatory reading for those wishing to attend the course, which is designed for six weeks, included the works of French philosophers Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Michel Foucault.

Glasgow University opened the course “philosophy of the Simpsons” 21.11.2016

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