Director of the Primorye Safari-Park Dmitry Mezentsev reported on the health of the goat Timur undergoing treatment in veterinary cage after the drubbing he asked a friend – the Amur tiger.

“He feels rather well. Check-out time of Timur from the veterinary point will determine veterinarian Safari Park Alexey Anosov”, – stated in the message on the websiteof the Park.

After leaving the infirmary Timur will be placed in the Park, just across the fence from the corral, where tiger Timur. “Visitors to the Safari Park will feature tours through the Park Timur. Accordingly, visitors will be able to see close Timur, feed him and be photographed with the legendary hero,” – said the Director of the Safari Park.

When Timur finally get better and get stronger, it will bring the bride. According to Mezentsev, currently there is a contest for the best goat for Timur, already have the first candidates. Summary candidates accepted together with photos and videos.

“Will Cupid and Timur to live in one of the parks or not, time will tell. The decision on this issue depends on many nuances, which are still unknown”, – said the Director of the Safari Park.

“Gratitude for such news! The decision, taken by you, just perfect! On the one hand, want their communication continued, with another – there are fears for Timur. And everything is just wonderful”, – write in comments to the news fans the goat Timur and the tiger of the Amur.

Network users that are watching the unusual friendship that has arisen in the seaside Safari-Park, thanks the vet Alexey Anosov and others, quickly evakuirovavshie victim bully Timur from General cage. While Timur and Cupid in a social network “Vkontakte” have expressed doubt that the brave goat would eat from the hands of tourists and pose for photos.

It should be noted, most participants agree that Timur received a spanking for it, because too long and brazenly pestering striped friend – touched horns, stepped on him threw off the slope.

With regard to brides for the goat, then, according to “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”, among them there are a couple of very visible candidates. So, the farmer Oleg Sirota offers as a dowry to the goat Merkel “chic cottage and 3 acres of land” in the Istra district. “It’s quite a complex character, admitted the owner of the animal. Curb its only a goat that can’t handle even a tiger”, – stated in the report from the Moscow region. Nickname Merkel goat got tough character and the fight with the Russian import substitution – namely, the problems that she created the master in the regeneration of the dairies.

Unlike Oleg Orphans, employees of the Yekaterinburg zoo is ready to organize the relocation dyed blue goats Shani in Primorye. “We can send our goat to stay for some time. Just need an official request from the Primorye Safari Park. Also we are ready to cooperate, if the other party will bear the expenses for moving our goats” – leads the press service of the zoo “UralPolit”.

We will remind, the Amur tiger and the goat Timur became friends two months ago. Usually tigers in the Primorsky Safari Park twice a week feed live prey to predators have not lost their instincts. Cupid knows how to hunt goats and rabbits. But in late November he resisted goat. Soon among animals struck up a friendly relationship. The goat took a tiger by the leader and followed him everywhere, they began to spend time together and sometimes play.

For the sake of friendship of the tiger and the goat is monitored by the whole country. Cupid and Timur had his own pages in social networks, the Park also organized a reality show of their life together online. Started a online shop that sells Souvenirs on the friendship of Cupid and Timur, and the Director of the Park appealed to the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation with a proposal to film the cartoon about the friendship of animals.

The end of idyll came last week: the tiger, annoyed by the arrogance of the goat, pester him for an hour, Timur grabbed by the scruff and dropped from the slope. Eventually the goat got to the vets in a state of shock and with a couple of scratches.

Goat Timur sent in a separate paddock – to be photographed with tourists and brides to choose 03.02.2016

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