The inhabitant of Ryazan has proposed to rename the 2nd Godless street in this city in the street of Donald trump by posting a petition on the website Sapega.

“In itself, the name of the street Godless contrary to Russian values and offends the feelings of believers. And recently won the US presidential election Donald trump is a great friend of Russia and defender of traditional values”, – stated in the text of the petition, which its author intends to forward to the city Duma.

However, the Chairman of the toponymic Commission of the city of Nikolai Bulychev has told local reporters that trump’s street in Ryazan will not for several reasons. First, the Board stopped giving the city streets a personalized name.
“In addition, trump is not a President, he only won, but has yet to officially become one. By trump anything good for Russia is not yet done”, – quotes its “Ryazan newspaper”.

In addition, according to Bulycheva, this area under massive construction, but old houses are demolished, therefore, as soon as the said street may disappear altogether, said RIA “Novosti”.

However, the initiative did not arouse much enthusiasm among the citizens: for four days since the advent of the petition it has been signed by just over 150 people.

Commentators the petition is divided. “With the street name of Donald trump we will be able to make a great Ryazan,” – said a local resident Gregory Silkin. “At least you waited any action by trump, and if the first thing he will do will be tougher sanctions will look like Boobs,” says the commentator with the nickname Yuri tampinco.

1-I and 2-I’m a Godless street located near the railway station Ryazan-1, and traverse the Komsomol and Communist streets.

Godless street in Ryazan wanted to name Donald trump 14.11.2016

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