Federal Agency for tourism (Rosturizm) published a warning to Russians who decide to go to Turkey, contrary to the recommendations of the Russian Foreign Ministry and the ban on the sale of tours in this country.

The Minister said that Turkish citizens may become targets of militants of the terrorist organization “Islamic state” (ISIS, ISIL, DAYS, banned in Russia).

“According to competent authorities, the leaders of ISIS plan to take hostages from among Russian citizens located in Turkey. According to available information, the hostages can go to the territories controlled by insurgents for carrying out public executions and use as human shields in clashes with the Syrian government and the coalition forces”, – stated in the message on the websiteof the Federal tourism Agency.

In this regard, the Ministry urged “all unorganized tourists traveling to Turkey” to take all possible measures to ensure personal safety.

We will remind, relations of Russia and Turkey soured in late November 2015, when the Turkish fighter brought down a Russian su-24 bomber took part in an operation in Syria. After that Moscow has imposed on Ankara number of economic sanctions.

The Russian foreign Ministry for its part encouraged the Russians not to visit Turkey because it is “potentially unsafe country”. In response to the recommendations of the foreign Ministry, the Federal tourism Agency banned Russian tour operators to sell tours to Turkey. In this case, the air communication between the countries was interrupted.

The Association of tour operators of Russia (ATOR) has recently noted that many Russians are planning to go on vacation to Turkey on their own and discussing it in social networks. With the recent increase in terrorist attacks in Turkey are our citizens, apparently, are not afraid.

Yesterday the CPS announced unscheduled checks of compliance with the ban on sale to the Russians of tourist trips to Turkey, the results of which were revealed dozens of violations, instituted administrative proceedings.

Going to Turkey, the Russians run the risk of becoming hostages of ISIS, warned the Federal tourism Agency 27.01.2016

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