Set of accessories for Golf, previously owned and enjoyed the 41st U.S. President George H. W. Bush, sold at RR auction in Boston for 30 thousand dollars (1.9 million rubles). This was reported on the website of the auction.

Part of lot includes Golf bag, clubs, balls and even shoes by Nike, which Bush enjoyed during the the game of Golf club Cape Arundel Inn in Kennebunkport (Maine).

The table in the owner’s name engraved and attached to the bag personalized membership card Golf club. Also, the set includes several photos signed by Bush. One of the photos of Bush posing next to bill Clinton.

It is reported that all these items Bush once gave one of the workers Golf club, whose name was not called.

The 41st US President known for his love of the game of Golf. His name is included in the Global hall of fame of Golf.

Bush stopped playing Golf in 2003 after the start of military operations in Iraq. He then said that the parents of dead soldiers don’t have to see the commander in chief playing Golf.

Meanwhile, now the outgoing President Barack Obama was also seen in the love of this game. However, his timing for such entertainment often shocked people. So, in 2010, Obama played Golf during funeral of Polish President Lech Kaczynski.

Golf set by George Bush senior sold at auction for 30 thousand dollars 11.11.2016

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