Deputy Prime Minister for social issues Olga Golodets in his speech at the investment forum in Sochi, said the steady growth of poverty in Russia and the millions of employees who work for minimum wage. The government will make every effort to ensure that work was adequately paid, she promised.

“Unfortunately, in the country after 2014 is steadily growing poverty, and the measures we take, we believe, should be strengthened. First of all, poverty struck the people working, this is a special situation,” – said Vice Prime Minister RIA “Novosti”. Golodets explained that this is due to the fact that wages significantly lowered the real price of labor.

“Today in the Russian market of almost 5 million people – 4 million 800 thousand – us works for minimum wage and 1 million 800 thousand people are government employees who work for minimum wage” – reminded the Minister. According to her, the government has a plan to bring the minimum wage to a living wage, but there are difficulties in the negotiation process, and budgetary configurations.

The Vice-Premier said that Russia has no young people, graduates, whose work can be estimated to be 7500 rubles.

Golodets also pointed out that the lack of understanding of the importance of high wages in all industries of the Russian Federation and a decent pension hinders the economic development of the country: “Retirement is the deferred cost of labor, the most important motivation for a person to live and work in their country. It is a sign of high productivity and high wages and high standard of pensions it is possible to create a normal efficient economy”. (Quoted by TASS.)

She promised that the government will make every effort to ensure that work was adequately paid in all sectors of the Russian economy.

Golodets also noted Russia’s success in improving fertility. “Contrary to predictions, the third consecutive year we have been able to achieve results by demographics. I think the growth of life expectancy the most important conquest of the whole social and demographic policy”, – quotes Vice-the Prime Minister “Interfax”.

She told me that there are a number of projects and programmes
aimed at reducing mortality and rising birth rates. One
of them is a program aimed at reducing mortality from
the effects of flu.

“Elephant” , citing the data of Rosstat reminds that last year in Russia the number of poor grew by 3.1 million to 19.2 million people. In 2016, the situation worsened: in January – March the poor in the country was considered one of seven citizen (22.7 million).

Golodets reported steady growth of poverty in Russia 01.10.2016

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