Google first revealed evidence of Russia’s involvement in the use of platforms with the intention of interfering in the presidential elections of 2016 in the United States. Several people familiar with the results of the investigation of the Corporation, told this newspaper The Washington Post.

The company found that “Russian agents” have spent tens of thousands of dollars on advertising to spread misinformation on many Google platforms, including YouTube, Google Search, e-mail service Gmail and the ad network DoubleClick. About it the newspaper’s sources said on condition of anonymity because the issue was not discussed publicly.

In Google suggest that ads placed are not “trolls” as “Putin’s cook” Eugene Prigogine, which, as reported earlier media, purchased ads on Facebook in an attempt to influence American policy. Thus, the problem of Russian intervention could have a much larger scale, the newspaper said.

Familiar with the investigation sources said that the company is studying a collection of ads with cost less than 100 thousand dollars. According to interlocutors of the edition, the company is still figuring out whether all ads placed “the trolls” or part did these Russian accounts.

According to sources, Google has found a Russian presence on their platforms, pumping data from other technology companies – Twitter. By downloading this data, Google was able to link the Russian Twitter accounts with other accounts that have used Google to buy advertising. This was done without the explicit cooperation of Twitter, noted the sources.

According to them, the investigation into Google is in the early stages. Not yet determined number of ads and clicks on them. The Corporation continues to examine its own records and shares data with Facebook. With Twitter the company as part of the investigation is not cooperating.

Google refused to comment on the topic of publishing WP.

Previously, Google denied the problem of Russian intervention on their platforms. Last month, the press Secretary of the company, Andea Favil WP said that Google is “always concerned about abuses or violations of our policies and we have not seen evidence that this type of advertising campaign was launched on our platform”.

However, Google has started investigation into the matter, as the U.S. Congress demanded from technology companies to find out how Russian agents used social media, online advertising and other digital tools to influence the presidential elections of 2016 and to sow discord in American society.

The heads of Facebook and Twitter on 1 November will testify before members of congressional investigation about alleged Russian intervention in elections in 2016. Google not announced whether the company such an invitation. At open hearings in Congress invited representatives from all three companies.

In early September, Facebook saidthat Russia accounts within two years of buying political advertising, including the front passed in the November 2016 presidential election in the United States. It was spent about 100 thousand dollars.

After nearly a month in Facebook said that Russia attributed to ads with messages intended to create controversy in American society, saw in the United States 10 million people. The American media has associated custom advertising with the work “Troll factory”, curated by St. Petersburg businessman Evgeny Prigozhin, better known as “Putin’s personal chef”.

Google found evidence of the involvement of the Russian Federation to use the platforms to interfere in U.S. elections 09.10.2017

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