The search engine company Google agreed to remove links to information about the crime committed by neo-Nazis from the city of Obninsk, Kaluga region. The decision was made in accordance with the new law on the right of citizens to remove from the Internet unwanted personal information.

The company Google is reported by information-analytical center “Sova”. Defenders of the organization monitor the level of xenophobia in Russia.

“March 22, 2016, the Sova center has received an official letter from Google in which Google informed us that on demand unspecified persons Google is forced to remove some unspecified elements of the issue in our website related to one specific news”, – stated in the message of defenders.

We are talking about news 2006 – “In Obninsk convicted skinheads who beat the Angolan”. On March 27, similar letters were received about the news of 2008 “In Obninsk entered into force on the conviction of eight nationalists who circulated a video on the Internet of neo-Nazi attacks”.

“Presumably, someone from convicted criminals and then used the “act of oblivion,” say the defenders. – We believe that the removal of any information on these cases is not consistent with the public interest and personal interests of the Nazi-skinheads (former, presumably) may not be placed above public interest”.

Human rights defenders have also appealed to Google to reconsider its decision.

The attack on Africans

As follows from the materials of the criminal case, 18 December 2005 citizen of the Republic of Angola Ferreira Carlos Fernando together with his wife and son were returning on an evening train from Moscow to Obninsk to the place of their residence. The same train from Moscow was riding Yuri Webutuck. On the forecourt of Obninsk he noticed the people of Negroid race, and said so to his friend Alexey Yershov.

Ershov suggested Sepetuka to beat the foreigner and his family for their non-Slavic appearance. With
shouting “Russia – for Russians!” the neo-Nazis attacked a citizen of Angola and began to strike to it blows by feet and hands. Racists also tried to hit his infant son.

“Then Webutuck available lit under him, pyrotechnic products and hit them with the Ferreira Sr., damaging the victim’s jacket,” according to the national news Agency with reference to acting head of Department of investigative management of Prosecutor’s office of the Kaluga region, of the lawyer class II Olesya Belova.

Spouse Africans began to call for help. Her screams ran unknown man, and the attackers fled.

In March 2006, the perpetrators were installed. In recognition of the detainees, Webutuck “partially supports the ideology of the skinhead movement”, but Ershov was there from 2001 to January 2006.

During the investigation Webutuck has voluntarily compensated the victim moral damages in the amount of three thousand roubles and material damage for the damaged jacket in the amount of four thousand roubles.

The Obninsk town court of the Kaluga region found two young men guilty under paragraph “a” of part 2 of article 282 of the criminal code (“Excitation of hatred and humiliation of dignity of a group of persons on grounds of race, nationality, origin, committed publicly, with violence and threat of its application”). Russian Themis has appointed punishment in the form of deprivation of liberty for a period of one and a half years each to be served in a penal colony.

Yuri Webutuck born in 1987 also passed on criminal case together with J. Z., N. Born in 1989 and A., D., N., P. born in 1988. Eight neo-Nazis were convicted that they were beaten by people of non-Slavic appearance and distributed the video recordings of these beatings on the Internet. The perpetrators were sentenced to imprisonment from one to 2,5 years with punishment serving in a colony-settlement.

On March 21, 2008 the verdict was appealed, but the Kaluga regional court has left it without changes.

Note that in the Google search engine is still available the link to the article about Yuri Debethune, in which he presents exclusively positive person. In the note of the newspaper “Week of Obninsk” from 2010 says that Webatuck for several years engaged in charity, organizing the collection of items and monetary donations for the orphans.

We will remind, the law on the “right to oblivion” came into effect on 1 January 2016. Since then, thousands of Russians demanded that search engines remove links to information about them. However, “Yandex” and Group refused to allow the majority of userswho have addressed to them with similar requests.

But Google declined to comment on the situation, but search engine “Sputnik” has granted almost all requests.

Google on “law of forgetting” has removed links to neo-Nazis from Kaluga science city, beat African 28.03.2016

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