Mapping service Google Street View has retouched the one of the streets of Krasnoyarsk, made in 2013. The photo that recently evoked a wide response among the users, two residents were sleeping near the fence of his house.

Now Google users will not be able to see the sleeping couple – their silhouettes now hardly distinguishable.

Note that the journalists found the characters in the frame that social networks called sketches of life in the Russian provinces, said “Altapress”. Two of the spouses of Novoaltaisk explained that on the day when the Google car took pictures of their town, they lay down to rest on the grass beside the road after a picnic on the river.

By the way, in the administration of Novoaltaisk noted that this family in 2010 was registered as dysfunctional because of the systematic use of alcohol.

Google Street View filmed the birth of a child on the street. The most bizarre street photo

Google Street View automatically “blurs” the number of cars and people’s faces. Sometimes it happens a curious situation: for example, in Britain discovered a photograph in which the service has retouched the face caught in the frame of the cow.

Google then said: “it is Obvious that our algorithm for glossing over persons, went a little overboard. However, we absolutely do not regret that this cow was milked their five minutes of fame”.

Sometimes the pictures on Google Street View fall and tragic situation. In 2010, cameras lenses company several times found himself lying on the streets of Brazilian cities bodies of peoplekilled in shootouts or shot by the police.

Google Street View “smeared” the sleeping at the fence by the residents of Novoaltaysk 17.10.2016

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