Governor of Vladimir region Svetlana Orlova was personally persuaded
German leaders not to lift sanctions against Russia not to interfere
powerful development of the country, which they, in her opinion, stimulated. About
she spoke at the VI international sports forum “Russia –
country of sports” held in the Vladimir region from 10 to 13 October.

According to Orlova, the forum of civil societies of Russia and Germany “Petersburg dialogue – 2016″ held on 14-16 July in St. Petersburg.

“I the Germans said, when was the “Petersburg dialogue”: you don’t understand
of our nature. The worse you make us, the stronger we become.
We are a nation. Sanctions hold it longer. The village is flooded.
Everywhere, in all areas” – quoted Orlov of the Agency of the Rambler
News Service

According to her, production in the Vladimir region increased by
25%, the region has begun to export, and all thanks to the sanctions.

In the German Parliament discussed
the possibility of imposing new sanctions against Russia, but this is not associated with
requests Svetlana Orlova, and bombing hospitals and civilian
facilities in Syria, which in Europe and in the United States consider
as “war crimes” Russia and the regime of Bashar al-Assad.

The concept of development of Russia not despite, but because of the sanctions upheld
many Russian officials and the Kremlin. Former chief of staff
the President of Russia Sergey Ivanov in interview to the program “Vesti on Saturday”
in June commented on the extension of sanctions against Russia by saying “no
it would be no happiness, Yes the misfortune has helped” and urged not to hurry with their
cancellation. The government has repeatedly stressed that the negotiations
with the West, the lifting of sanctions is not mentioned.

However, recently, suspending the action signed with the US agreement
about the weapons-grade plutonium, the Russian government said:
“Russia will remain able to renew cooperation on
the agreement, when it is justified from the point of view of the General context
relations with the United States.” In the explanatory note to the bill introduced
in the state Duma Vladimir Putin, said,
the renewal of the agreement is possible only after the lifting of sanctions and
“Magnitsky act”.

The US imposed sanctions against Russia – personal, and then to
against companies and sectors of the economy in 2014 after joining
Of Crimea to Russia, which in the West continue to consider the annexation. Action
sanctions, which was supported by the EU, have repeatedly
extended. In response Russia has imposed a ban on imports of several
categories of goods from countries declared sanctions. In September
2016, US Department of Commerce has expanded
sectoral sanctions against Russia, adding to the black list 80
of Russian companies.

The White house is not
ruled out
the imposition of economic sanctions because of Russian actions in
the Syrian Aleppo. They are discussed in the framework of the adoption of the data protection act
the civilian population in Syria, but the Obama administration is trying
them to delay.

Governor of Vladimir region has told how he convinced the Germans to extend sanctions: “the worse you make us, the stronger we become” 12.10.2016

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