The politician Leonid Gozman wrote an open letter to culture Minister Vladimir Medinsky and Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin as members of the Board of Trustees of the Russian Military historical society (RVIA) in connection with held in the Manege exhibition dedicated to the myths about the Second world war.

Gozman writes in his Facebook, at the exhibition in Manege organizers have planned itineraries for visitors, designating them arrows on the floor, and, in particular, they contain the names of “Hitler”, “Goebbels”, “Gozman”, “Supreme Council”. The question Gozman about the functions of the staff of the exhibition said that it is made to “visitors could wipe their feet on the names of the enemies of the Fatherland”.

As noted Gozman in an interview to “Echo of Moscow”, most likely, the organizers spoke not just about individuals, but about the so-called “fifth column,” hatred of which the first year is fueled by Pro-government press.

The politician added that he discussed with lawyers the possibility of filing a lawsuit against the organizers of the exhibition, held by the Russian military-historical society, a member of the Board of Trustees who are the Minister Medinsky and Deputy Prime Minister Rogozin.

In turn, the scientific Director of the Russian Military historical society Mikhail Myagkov said in an interview with “Echo of Moscow” that the organizers wanted to show thus the place of those who adhered to the ideas of the so-called false history has. According to Myagkov, it is not necessary to regard the incident as an attempt to humiliate or insult those whose names are located on the floor.

In his open letter to Medinsky and Rogozin Gozman writes: “You didn’t humiliate me to Be among your enemies is not a humiliation but an honor… You didn’t scare me – I’m 66 years old, and I long ago learned not to pay attention to the cowardly threats of muggers, whatever positions they may hold. But the situation I take very seriously”.

The politician reminded that physical reprisals against undesirables, whether on ethnic, religious or ideological sign is always preceded by their public reproach.

“You, the representatives of the highest Executive authorities of Russia, members of the government are now doing exactly what 80 years ago was done by the leaders of the Third Reich, preparing the Holocaust,” reminded Gozman.

“I have to say that the top leadership of my country there are people, little different from Nazis. I want to remind you, gentlemen, that, at least, of those who were persecuted like you, survived and was able to establish a new life without you. But like you, hung!” – posted by Gozman.

The politician reminded that has already drawn attention to the appalling similarity of the NKVD and the NKVD, SMERSH and the SS and the Gestapo, and should be treated as a criminal organization.

Then, in 2013, this remark Gozman was dedicated to the exit on the Russian screens of the new military-historical series “SMERSH” and turned into a scandal. On the day following the publication of statements Gozman on the website of the newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda” appeared column browser Uliana Skoybedy in which she wrote: “Sometimes I regret that from ancestors of today’s liberals Nazis didn’t do lamp shades”.

Gozman in the letter to Medina Rogozin: “You do now that 80 years ago did the leaders of the Third Reich, preparing the Holocaust” 01.12.2016

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