A graduate of the philosophical faculty of Tomsk University Denis Karagodin, which recently announced the completion of a large-scale and unique investigation into the arrest, trial and execution of his great-grandfather, received the answer to the question about what to do next when you know the names of all those involved in the case “Japanese spies.” He wrote the granddaughter of an officer of the NKVD, which, as is now documented, was a full-time executioner and shot 56-year-old peasant Stepan karagodina in January 1938.

Excerpts from the letter of a granddaughter of Nikolay Zyryanov, who learned about the past of his grandfather only from publications on the investigation of Denis karagodina, published on the website of the project.

“I haven’t slept in a few days, just don’t get it… I’ve studied all the materials, all the documents that you have on the website, I’ve changed my mind, retrospectively remembered… I understand that I am not to blame for what happened, but the feelings that I experience is beyond words… the father of my grandmother (mom’s mom), my great-grandfather, was taken from the house on the denunciation, in the same years that your great-grandfather’s home, he never returned, and the house was left four daughters, my grandma was younger… so now it turned out that in one family, both victims and executioners…” she writes.

In a letter to Denis Karagodin granddaughter of a member of the Tomsk city Department of the NKVD said: “Very sad to realize it, it really hurts…. But I would never disown my family story, whatever it was. Help me to face the realization that neither I nor any of my relatives that I know, remember and love had nothing to do with these atrocities that occurred in those years.”

“The grief that brought these people, not to redeem… the task of the next generations not just gloss over all the things and events should be called by their names. And the purpose of my letter to you is just to tell you that I now know about this shameful page in the history of his family and completely on your side. But we have nothing in society will never change unless you open the whole truth. Ulterior motive are now there was again the Stalinists, Stalin monuments, it’s just in my head does not fit, defies comprehension,” reads the letter.

Denis Karagodin for a long time they extracted the information about who were the organizers and direct executors of the murder of his great-grandfather, however, his numerous written and oral requests to the FSB and other authorities ended the formal formal replies or reports that lack this document.

After several months of investigation Karagodina managed to get the act of shooting in management of FSB across the Novosibirsk region. Responding to a question about why he sent such a document, the source of the portal suggested that the request has been formulated very precisely, it contained information “not for the average person and even for each of the historian.”

“Historians and experts can’t believe that I did it. Some were just in shock from the fact that such documents exist and achieve them realistically. I decided to make a table to identify by circumstantial evidence, for some associative relations, and just – Bang, and you all send. I think they do not understand what they did,” said Karagodin.

In karagodina obtained by the act of execution are contained, in particular, the names of the direct executioners of his great-grandfather Stepan karagodina. Is assistant chief of the Tomsk prison Nikolay Zyryanov, the chief of city Department of the NKVD Sergei Denisov and the inspector Ekaterina Noskova.

To stop Karagodin is not intended. The second part of the project of the investigation is to prosecute all the perpetrators of the murder of Stepan karagodina: from Politburo members in Moscow, including Joseph Stalin, to the butchers in the city of Tomsk. According to him, scenarios in this legal procedure has been developed. Charge: a group of persons by prior conspiracy to commit mass murder.

We will note, earlier Karagodin called the names of three more potential participants in the execution: it’s George Gorbenko – the investigating officer of the Japanese spies, the chief of the Tomsk Department Ivan Ovchinnikov, Sergeant of state security Anatoly Zverev.

Stepan Karagodin was executed 21 January 1938 on charges of espionage and sabotage groups “of Harbin and expelled from DCC”. “The head, the Creator of counter-revolutionary insurgent organizations, espionage and subversive groups, given the task to carry out attacks to disrupt the elections, the whole set. Such cases in Tomsk was very high. There was a whole industry of fraud,” said Denis Karagodin in June of this year.

Granddaughter NKVD officer apologized to the great-grandson of the executed person 21.11.2016

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