Greek filmmaker Angelos Sideratos intends to make in the Crimea, the antique masterpiece of the playwright Euripides “Trojanki”.

He told RIA “Novosti”that the production will be realized on stage of the Crimean academic Russian drama theatre. M. Gorky. This will attract ten of the Crimean artists, chorus and extras. Antique decorations and special costumes will be brought from Greece, also from Greece will arrive the artist-Director, music composer and lead artist.

“The play is deeply political, this is the only play in world drama with a powerful anti-war message. Very difficult play, but it is clear to the audience. The Crimean theatre are all possibilities, all background and attitude to deliver “the Miracles”. I don’t need only to deliver one good performance in the Crimea, my intention is to put an important art project and they can do the event,” says Sideratos.

The Director therefore intends to apply to the entire mankind, to cherish peace, because in any war there is never a winner. It is anticipated that future performance will be shown in the Russian regions, as well as presented in international competitions and in the open ancient theatre in Greece.

“For me it is a perfect target. I believe that this project will become a legacy of Crimea and Greece,” says the Director.

The premiere is scheduled for mid-July. In the tragedy of Euripides “Trojanki” created in the beginning of the V century BC, shows the immense suffering of the imprisoned miracles, pictures of the terrible destruction and the death of innocent women and children. Before the works of ancient authors praised the Trojan war, Euripides showed the injustice and destructiveness.

Greek Director put in Crimea, the antique anti-war tragedy 09.02.2016

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