All large forest fires in 2016 in the Irkutsk region there was either near settlements, roads, logging, or near water, that is, places frequented by man. To such conclusion experts of the forest Department, “Greenpeace Russia” the study of places of occurrence of fires in the region, said the head of Department Alexey Yaroshenko on site “Forestry forum Greenpeace of Russia”. This conclusion refutes the idea that the fires flare up in anti-fire equipment areas from lightning strikes.

In total were analyzed centers 327 the largest fires and their spatial relationship with settlements, roads, logging and water bodies. “Large forest fires have not occurred in close proximity to settlements, roads, logging operations or water facilities, in the framework of this work in the Irkutsk region not found any,” – said Alexey Yaroshenko.

The head of the fire program “Greenpeace Russia” and one of the founders of the society of Voluntary forest firefighters Grigory Kuksin said on his page on Facebook, that place where there is a fire, “unlikely places to get lightning”.

Grigory Kuksin said that “the share of fires from lightning, even in this very rich in storm activity, year very low”. “The fires that would have occurred in the watershed, in remote places where only lightning would cause no. In all such places the fires came from the frequented and utilized areas,” – said the ecologist the results of the study.

Fires in the early days it was possible to extinguish without aircraft

Another important conclusion is that, according to kuksina, the study is the availability of places for fire fighting equipment. “Almost all of these fires were available for firefighting in the early days of aviation, even without delivery of people and equipment almost anywhere you can travel. And again, in the most inaccessible places, the fires came, originating close to roads and logging,” said Kuksin.

A similar study conducted in the Krasnoyarsk territory. In Greenpeace believe that it will help to dispel the myth about the natural causes of most of the Siberian fires, and that all large and catastrophic fires occur and get such development in difficult terrain.

“Maybe will become more clear and understandable, that situation really affects an enormous shortage of forces, lack of real early response, and of the distortion of the data, which leads to underfunding and delays in the build-up of forces on fire”, – concluded Grigory Kuksin.

After the completion of the Krasnoyarsk territory in Greenpeace and promised to publish a detailed description of the study methodology. As explained Yaroshenko, for each of the fires was revealed all thermal spots or groups of thermal spots fire information system FIRMS – the most famous of the monitoring system fires – the first day of the fire (according to the sensor VIIRS Suomi NPP satellite).

Around these thermal spots have been built a buffer zone with a width of two kilometers. These areas were all visible on satellite images settlements, roads, logging and water bodies. “The contours of the fires was obtained by expert visual decryption of satellite images VIIRS and MODIS data based thermal spots system FIRMS,” – said Alexey Yaroshenko. Roads and deforestation taken into account, not all as small roads and fresh cuttings may not be visible in the pictures.

In June in Irkutsk region from-for forest fires was introduced emergency mode, and in the Irkutsk government came to a similar conclusion about the connection of the fires with human factor. “We looked at the map, the majority of fires occur along roads, which move vacationers, fishermen and hunters. Therefore, we will reconsider the admission of people to these places in fire season, – said Deputy Chairman of the government of the Irkutsk region Viktor Kondrashov at a meeting in Kachugskiy district.

A state of emergency in the area was removed only at the end of September. According to statistics, since the beginning of the fire season on the territory of the region was recorded 1589 fires, total area of 404,7 thousand hectares, of which 45 hectares is non-forest.

The situation with forest fires in the region and in Buryatia caused criticism of the Federal authorities. Emergency situations Minister Vladimir Puchkov flew three times on space and conducted operational meetings, and journalists accused the Governor of Irkutsk region Sergey Levchenko that he “slept through” fires, overly fascinated by the elections in the state Duma.

The Prosecutor’s office of the Irkutsk region

“Greenpeace of Russia” found that all major fires in the Irkutsk region in 2016, happened through the fault of man 24.11.2016

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