The head of Sberbank German Gref in his speech at the SKOLKOVO Saturday, 21 may, said that the banking system in its current form will eventually die, and all of its functions model algorithms.

“The banking system will become siblings. That is the Central Bank. We all open accounts in the Central Bank, and then trick. I prepare myself to such a future. I’m not sure on the funeral of the banking system will come a lot of people. I don’t know people who are very much like banks” – quoted Gref , RIA “Novosti”.

According to the head of the savings Bank, are an anachronism and a Bank card: they will kill the new technology. He noted that the current methods of scanning the palm of your hand, as well as voice recognition and face. “When we will be able to identify otherwise, the map would not be necessary”, – he explained.

Gref also urged to learn lessons from history, and learn how to collect and analyze information in the modern world it gives a big competitive advantage.

As writes RBC, as an example of a modern company Gref has led the American Netflix, which office he visited during a recent trip to Silicon valley in the United States.

“I wish I never went, because I felt a mammoth,” said the head of Sberbank. In his opinion, if data is the new oil, then Netflix – “a company with the depth of processing 100%”.

Gref has repeatedly stated that Russia needs a radical change of investment climate. The first and most important measure he called the protection of property rights and the reform of the judicial system. You need to spend and tax reforms that will encourage investment.

In February, the newspaper The Financial Times wrote that Herman Gref may soon return to the civil service. Experience in upgrading of “Sberbank” and the ability of the crisis Manager can, according to the newspaper, to ensure him a place in the economic bloc. Later in mass media there was also speculation that Gref may take the post of Prime Minister.

He Gref, however, said in March that does not want to return to the government, and after the Bank has decided to go into business. “When I was in the public sector, I was criticized more than any other official. I would not want to go through that again,” said Gref.

Gref announced the funeral of the banking system 22.05.2016

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