The head of “Sberbank of Russia” German Gref expressed the opinion that stocks of raw materials in Russia can be finished by 2032. He said this on air of the program “Pozner”.

“We see that the age of oil and gas, as if someone wanted, ends. Now we are talking about when we have this monoproduct can end. In my opinion, this is about 2028-2032 years, when, in my opinion, is not the fact that I’m right – all the feelings, all the trends that we see today will not be a repeat of this supershareware cycle. Need to prepare for it, ” he said (quoted by TASS).

According to Gref, the output of manresources the state of the economy very painful. He expressed the hope that this will help the quality of economic growth.

“We should speak about finding new speakers that we need to diversify the economy. This is now more and more people think. Experts say this long time ago, and I think the people in power today are already quite well aware of this situation,” he said.

In June at the St. Petersburg international economic forum (SPIEF), Gref saidthat to present the structure of our economy without oil is impossible. According to him, there are two points of view: first, the point of view of oil is that the “oil Paradise aren’t going anywhere”.

The second alternative technologies of energy production will be comparable and even much better performance than traditional sources. Oil and gas will gradually go by the wayside as the main sources of fuel, predicted the head of “Sberbank”.

As for Russia, while other countries are developing alternative energy sources, Russia is trying to negotiate with OPEC on oil prices, Gref has reminded. “Our countries are competitors going towards the creation of the future economy. And we cling to a little bit of old oil age, trying to grasp the old oil era,” he complained.

The energy Ministry cited data which differs from Gref. According to the energy Ministry, oil production in Russia in 2035 may fall by almost half. In the General scheme of development of oil industry of the Russian Federation developed by the Ministry of energy and then focused on interagency coordination, said that in 20 years Russia expects decline of oil production from 1.2% in the best scenario to 46% in the worst.

Gref predicted the exhaustion of oil and gas reserves of Russia by 2032 03.10.2016

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