Head of “Sberbank” German Gref told journalists his thoughts on the topic of patriotism.

“In my opinion, are the real patriots in the country, and there are pseudo-patriots. Here is the pseudo-patriots are those people who say that and so we all have something we’re good, in General nothing should be changed”, – quotes RBC statement Gref at the conference “More than teaching: preparing the leaders of the digital world”.

“People who don’t care about the future of the country, is the pseudo-patriots. True patriots – those people who are trying all the time to work very hard on themselves, work on their business, on their institutions in order to meet the time and even a little ahead of time”, – said the head of “Sberbank”.

“It’s very hard, it’s not always popular, it is always due to the fact that you have to change yourself and change others, to influence others, and people disagree about it”, he added.

In General, the Gref’s speech focused on the need for the use and development of modern technology. He expressed confidence that Russia has a chance to be among the leaders in the field of digital technologies.

In January this year, the head of “Sberbank”,
speaking at the Gaidar forum, said that Russia was among the States that “lose”, which did not have time to adapt our economy and entire social system to a new reality. He called Russia “a country-by downshifter”.

“We lost the competition, I must honestly say. And this is technological slavery, I would say, we just happen to be among the countries that lose and countries downshifters” – said Gref.

“Countries and people that have managed to adapt in time and invest in it, they are the winners today. Countries that do not have time to adapt its economy and the entire social system, all institutions, they will be very much to lose. And the gap will, unfortunately, much more than during the last industrial revolution,” he said.

Gref also called for a radical change in the Russian model of education, starting from kindergartens and ending with universities, and called “brain drain” the worst export.

Gref spoke about the difference between patriots and pseudo-patriots 28.10.2016

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