German Beate Chepe, who was arrested for involvement in a neo-Nazi group National socialist underground (NSU) committed a series of racist murders, was made on Thursday, September 29, the Munich court statement that she was disappointed with nationalistic ideas, according to CBS.
Her statements attracted attention, because she says in court is rare,
this is the second time she breaks the silence.

Chepe, which consisted in the organization, the members of which seven years were killed
immigrants said in court that once was fond of
“nationalist ideology”, but now judges people “not by
origin, or political views, but by their behavior.”

notes that her speech was a surprise, but not a sensation. All
the rest of what she said is repeating what the lawyer
read out on her behalf in 2015. “I reject the accusations that were
a member of a terrorist organization called NSU,” said

Beate Chepe, is the only survivor of a neo-Nazi
the group, which called itself the National socialist underground. The trial of
it began in may of 2013 and is expected to continue in the next
year. On the questions of the court, she prefers to respond in writing. For the first time in
four years, she broke the silence in 2015 when he told the court,
learned about the killings only after they happened.

In a statement read by her lawyer in December 2015, she said
about the murders, two bombings and several Bank robberies that
carried out her former lovers, 38-year-old Uwe Mundlos and 34-year-old Uwe
Bernhardt, of Jena, who committed suicide in 2011.

In 2015, she told me how he met with Mundocom in childhood in
the end of 1980-ies in East Germany. Chepe claims that her
accomplices told her about the killings after they’ve already
happened, but she did not report them to the police because they had threatened
to commit suicide if she does. “I sincerely
apologies to all the victims,” – said in
its statement.

10 victims “of the Nazis on bicycles”

The group originated in 1998. It consisted of only three people,
which the press called “terrorists from Zwickau”. They were accused of
the murder of nine immigrants and one employee of the police – 22-year-old
Michelle Kiesewetter committed in 2000 – 2007.

In nine of the ten episodes, the murderer used the same weapon –
pistol Ceska 83. The first nine of the victims had foreign roots: small
entrepreneurs are Turkish, Kurdish or, in one case, Greek
origin. The crime remained unsolved for 11
years because the government has consistently ignored a key aspect
of these crimes: a possible political motivation, wrote
journalist and political scientist Friedrich Burchell covering the trial
The national socialist underground, a researcher on neo-Nazism and
structures/ideologies of inequality of the Academy of political education
when Rosa Luxemburg Foundation in Berlin. Translation of his article published in
September, the website “the Media”.

The first victim of a series of murders was a 38-year-old florist Enver
Simsek, from Nuremberg, died of wounds 11 September 2000. His widow
stayed with two children 13 and 14 years old. Less than a year was killed
49-year-old tailor Abdurrahim Locadora, again in Nuremberg, June 13
2001, then the Hamburg greengrocer Suleyman Taskpro, 31, 27
June 2001, owner of the Munich store Habil kılıç, 38, 29
August 2001. They were all killed by shots to the head.

After a significant break of two and a half year February 25, 2004
Rostock with a weapon was killed 25-year-old seller Shawarma Mehmet
Turgut. On 9 June 2005 under similar circumstances killed 50-year-old
Ismail Yasar; he was the third victim in Nuremberg. Six
days, on 15 June 2005, killed an employee of the Munich workshop
making keys Theodoros Boulgarides, 41. 4 APR 2006
was shot and killed 39-year-old Mehmet Kubasik in Dortmund; the next day, 6
APR – Halit Yozgat, the owner of an Internet cafe in Kassel. He was 21

The widow of Enver Simsek Adele investigators showed a photo
“blonde German woman” and said that she was the mistress of her murdered
husband and caught him two children. Thus the suspect
he tried to force to confess that she killed her husband out of jealousy.
Only many years later, the family of the deceased said that the history of the imaginary
infidelity was a figment of police imagination. None of the investigators are not
considered racism as a possible motive of the killers, although some
relatives of the victims and suggested that criminals
driven by hatred of immigrants.

The testimony of the witnesses, at different times seen two cyclists
near the scene of the crime, few were impressed investigators.
The then head of the Munich Commission for investigation of murders
Joseph Webling, now a famous writer, the question of why no one
pay attention to the evidence about the Nazis and the bike responded
counter-question: “have you ever seen a Nazi on a bike?”

In the end, the prevailing theory according to which it was about
typical disassembly of immigrants within the Turkish Diaspora. In a month
after the death of Mehmet Kubasik and Halit Yozgat friends and relatives
those who died from armed with a pistol Ceska murderers, organized in
Kassel and Dortmund demonstrations under the slogan “avoid the 10 th
victims. In actions have taken part up to 2 000 people.

Killer exposed themselves: I recorded a video acceptance and
committed suicide

4 Nov 2011 in the Thuringian town of Eisenach, burned trailer,
which were found the bodies of two people killed before the fire.
A few hours later for 200 km from Eisenach in Saxony Zwickau – also there was a fire: burnt down apartment in a residential building on
Fruhlingstrasse, 26. Dead in Thuringia, identified as Uwe Mundlos and
Uwe Lenhardt. After four days the police give up Beate Chepe –
the arsonist of an apartment in Saxony.

According to her, three of them with Mundocom and Bengaldom they were –
the terrorist group “National socialist underground”.
Chepe will tell you that between 1998 and 2011, from racial hatred
killed nine people, shot the employee of the German police, dangerous
wounding her colleague, and made at least three attacks
explosives, among them – explosion nails Packed with the bombs in Cologne.

In addition, the group was at least 15 robberies in
the number of Bank. The day of the death of his accomplices, shot himself in
to avoid arrest after the failed RAID, Chepe sent to officials and
journalists pre-recorded video from their cynical and defiant confession.
The same video was sent to some left parties and
anti-fascist groups. Then, Chepe had set fire to the apartment that served as
the last refuge of the insurgents.

Biography Beate Chepe (she is now 41) and the deceased Mundlos Uwe and Uwe
Benhardt during the investigation and trial have been studied in great
detail. It became known that they were inspired by a neo-Nazi
a dystopia novel “the Turner Diaries” by American writer William
Pier, written under the pseudonym Andrew MacDonald. This novel
describing the “white revolution”, organized racist organization
for the destruction of a multicultural society in the late XX century, in the form of
book or PDF file on a computer found later all of the defendants
process NSU.

German neo-Nazis relied on the instructions of the novel: to create cells
“resistance without a leader”, to terrorize random representatives
minorities to go underground and to feed
hiding robbery-expropriations. The book as a source
the motivation for their terrorist activity referred to many other

It is expected that the Higher regional court in Munich will rule on the case
NSU in early 2017.

Gremanii member of the National socialist underground killed 10 people, said about disappointment in the nationalist ideas 30.09.2016

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