Group “Accident” that almost two years has not released new songs, fans the video for his new song “Patriot”.

As stated in the description of the video on the official channel group on YouTube, the song the band mocks seized the country’s jingoistic mood substitute for true patriotism.

The patriot is not the one
Who does not lie, does not steal, does not drink,
Just the whole soul for the people
Patriot, patriot.

Once people and steal, and drink,
That steals and drinks a patriot.
How can betray their people
patriot, patriot?

If somewhere there was a school,
The enemy is solely to blame
From the state Department of sabotage waiting
Patriot, patriot…

Natural like beets in borscht,
He hates gays finally…
But it sings with a tear
Songs with Russian pop.

Here’s how… If you’re gay, but for us –
It is not quite a cunt.
“Well for Russia singing” –
Says the patriot, the patriot.

In the new clip, frontman Alexei Kortnev appears in a recognizable manner famous Director of”besogon” Nikita Mikhalkov. In the text of this character of modern politics is a direct reference:
We now argue Mikhalkov:
“Portrait of a patriot is not.
To demonize them indiscriminately is not allowed.”
But who would argue with it, friends.

Russia, a great country,
There is a wonderful spirit.
But always comes out ahead
Here is a patriot. No patriot. A patriot is an idiot.

Other musicians also tried on the images of the patriots, replicated media: a Cossack with fur hat and whip, accordionist in the cap, embellished with cloves, biker with a contrabass-balalaika, sports fan wearing Pro-Russian symbols. I found the clip and place for caricature of the leader of “Night wolves” the Surgeon (Alexander Zaldostanov).

“All of these characters can be real patriots if they are not only engaged in rhetoric, and work for the good of the Motherland, – said Alexey Kortnev. My father was an ardent football fan, but worked hard all his life. So, I want to modern patriots ceased to be a dummy and acted”.

The song was written by musicians for the “Saltykov-Shchedrin show” on NTV, but aired in a different form: in a different tempo, in a different arrangement and harmony. “Song for the new and unusual, because we never spoke so straightforward. Before our language was more metaphorical, but I think it has outlived its usefulness. Therefore, the “Patriot” – a kind of experiment,” said Courtney.

The Cossacks have not seen the clip, but condemn and write a letter to the Prosecutor

The chieftain of the Orthodox Union of Cossacks “IRBIS” Andrey Polyakov intends to submit a request for verification to the extremism of the new clip of “Accident” under the name “Patriot”. To parody it with no offense intended, but, in his opinion, and irony can be an extremist.

“I, unfortunately, have not seen the clip but I’ll see how mock the patriotism of the people. Irony is good and evil, and sometimes extremist, told Poles “National news service”. – If there are signs of extremism, we will write to the Prosecutor’s office demanding to initiate a criminal case”.

Ataman added that people who hate your country, you need to go abroad.

Group “Accident” made fun of the patriots in the images Mikhalkov, Surgeon and other “patrolman” 24.11.2016

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