Hackers from North Korea hacked into more than 140 thousands of computers operating in major South Korean companies and government agencies. According to Reuters, the attackers installed on the hacked computers with malware, which was planned to be used for large-scale cyber attack foiled by police in South Korea.

It is reported that the hacking was carried out with a North Korean IP address, which in 2013 was attacked South Korean banks. The goal of this attack was used in 160 South Korean companies and government agencies to manage internal networks.

As noted by RIA “Novosti”allegedly, hackers gained access to 42 608 thousands of files including information about the American F-15, but police said that serious threat to military secrets wasn’t.

Currently, the South Korean unit of the police dedicated to combating cybercrime, cooperating with victims of hacking by companies and institutions to eliminate the consequences of the cracking and prevent large-scale attacks using malicious code.

Previously, the government of South Korea has repeatedly accused the DPRK in the cyber attacks. So, in March of this year, South Korean intelligence reported the attempt of hackers from the DPRK to break into networks that control the transport system.

In late may, North Korea was suspected of involvement in the sensational theft of 81 million dollars from the Central Bank of Bangladesh.

Hackers from North Korea hacked into 140 thousand computers in South Korea 13.06.2016

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