Yahoo has officially acknowledged that in 2014, its databases were stolen personal information of at least 500 million users. It is reported that as a result of hacking unknown have gained access to information including names, email addresses, telephone numbers, passwords and answers to security questions people, according to Business Wire , citing a press release of the company.

The Leadership Of Yahoo! believes that behind the attack are hackers that have received public funds and support. Whether we are talking about a specific group, the company said. “The online break-ins and burglaries, with government support, are becoming more common in techindustria,” said Yahoo.

The company stressed that the stolen database there is no information about Bank accounts and cards, users, and passwords unprotected. While Yahoo! promised to help potential victims to protect their personal information. In particular, the company will warn them about the need to change the password and invalidate the old answers to the secret questions.

In addition, Yahoo! encouraged Internet users to change passwords and answers to security questions on other platforms, where they used to enter the same data as Yahoo. The company also cautions users against clicking on links and downloading files from suspicious emails.

In July this year, the American telecommunications company Verizon has officially announced about the purchase of Yahoo!. The amount of the deal, rumors of which went for a few months, amounted to 4.83 billion dollars. It was reported that Verizon will pay in cash and close the deal, which first must be approved by the regulators is expected in early 2017.

Under the agreement, Yahoo sells American operator’s core business, while retaining a stake in Alibaba Group Holdings and Yahoo! Japan (their total value is about $ 40 billion), financial assets, and a number of patents. While Yahoo! will change its name and will be converted to a public investment company. Until the closing of the transaction, Yahoo! will continue as an independent company.

Note that in recent years Yahoo! once occupied a leading position in the market, experienced serious financial difficulties. So, at the end of the first quarter of this year, the company received a net loss of $ 99.2 million dollars, and last year its losses amounted to $ 4.4 billion.

Hackers got personal data of 500 million users of Yahoo! 24.09.2016

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