Unknown hackers stole from Bank accounts of Russia about 2 billion rubles. Fact partially successful cyber attacks in the Russian regulator confirmed the us broadcaster CNN. Just tried to steal 5 billion, but the transaction failed to redirect. On the eve of the FSB announced the upcoming Monday a large-scale cyber attack on the financial system of Russia.

The fact of the attack on the bill, the Central Bank confirmed the Deputy head of the main Directorate of security and information protection of the Central Bank Artem Sychev. “We are fortunate to return the money,” – said the representative of the Central Bank. It did not specify when the attack occurred.

CNN notes that an attack similar to those that have occurred recently around the world. In particular, the channel discusses a hacker attack on Ecuador in January 2015, the Philippines in October, Vietnam two months ago and Bangladesh last February. Experts in the field of computer security company Symantec is a group of hackers Lazarus. They use vulnerabilities in the calculations in the system of international Bank transfers SWIFT.

CNN also claims that hackers attacked the accounts of private Russian banks took the money of their clients. The details of this hack are not given.

It became known yesterday that the Bank of Russia and the Ministry are in talks on joint actions to respond to a DDoS attack involving telecommunications companies. In mid-November, Russian banks have experienced a series of powerful DDoS attacks. According to “Kaspersky Lab”, the average duration of each attack was about an hour, the longest lasted nearly 12 hours. The perpetrators of the cyber attack is yet to be found and brought to justice.

Hackers stole from the Central Bank of 2 billion rubles 04.12.2016

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