In the capital of the Republic of Haiti Port-AU-Prince canceled the festival of the LGBT community Massimadi, which began on 27 September and was to last 4 days. The reason for this was a threat to the organizers of the event and requirements of the local authorities, reports the BBC. Same-sex sexual relations between consenting adults is permitted in the Republic of Haiti since 1986, but the marriage is still not legalized.

Senator Jean Renel of Senator written complaint to the city hall with a demand to ban the festival because of “abuse of traditional values and morality”. The Commissioner of the capital Jean Danton léger agreed with this and issued a corresponding resolution, said Loop Haiti.

According to the activist Lorraine, Mangos, she and other organizers received anonymous threats with the requirement not to hold the festival. As it received threats, she did not elaborate, but said she was threatened with violence.

Another organizer, Audi Charlotte AR said that it plans to appeal the ban and achieve the festival.

Although same sex marriage is allowed in Haiti since 1986, after the catastrophic earthquakethat struck Haiti in early 2010 and claimed hundreds of thousands of lives, the situation of homophobia has deteriorated sharply. In ruined infrastructure, increased superstition, and many believers began to accuse homosexuals that they imposed “sodomy” and because of this God turned away from the islanders.

According to one of lesbians living in Port-AU-Prince, all members of the LGBT community are doomed to suffer from isolation, discrimination, loneliness and the need to hide their feelings.

In July 2013, more than a thousand residents of Port-AU-Prince took to the streets of the capital. They were protesting against the proposal to legalize same-sex marriage, which was sent to Congress. And in August, the Haitian police, prevented a brutal massacre of betrothed homosexual, which attempted to organize in Port-AU-Prince a crowd of aggressive traditionalists. Participants in the ceremony flew even Molotov cocktails, several people were injured. In addition, burned two cars and buildings were shattered glass.

Haiti canceled the LGBT festival because of threats to the organizers 28.09.2016

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