Almost half of the citizens who came on 14 may to rally against the renovation program in Moscow for the first time was at the rally. This is indicated by the results of a survey conducted during the protest on Sakharov Avenue on Sunday, the laboratory of political studies NRU HSE.

The other participants in the rally said that was to protest the winter of 2011-2012 (48%) on the March in memory of Boris Nemtsov (39%) and action against corruption on March 26 (38%), write “Vedomosti” with reference to the results of the study.

Also, the survey found that 29% of protesters against the project of renovation workers in the commercial sector, 21% retired, 17% were civil servants and state employees. The majority of participants (79%) consider themselves to be indigenous Muscovites, almost half live in their apartments for over 20 years.

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The survey showed that in the five-story building live 65% came to the rally, but in the preliminary list of voting came home, only 39% of respondents. Subjective assessment 56% of the respondents, their neighbors do not want to enable their homes to demolition. Exactly half of the participants of the rally said that read the entire bill on the renovation, 26% are familiar with individual parts.

One of the main requirements of the protesters was the protection of the Constitution, which enshrines the right to property (article 35), the head of laboratory Valery Kasamara. According to her, the rally may 14 was reminiscent of the campaign on 26 March, “when people came out against corruption and they, in fact, didn’t care who the action was organized”.

If the government does not go on dialogue, the protest may radicalists

Also, the rally may 14, explored the center “Platform”, report “Vedomosti”. According to him, most came to speak against the law, but was critical of people who go to all the protests, and “observers”.

The reasons of disagreement with the program of renovation was revealed corruption component, coercion from above, the fear for Moscow. The protest mood is most pronounced in the age group of 35-50 years.

To overturn the law, the citizens want is through dialogue with the authorities. Most of the participants dissatisfied with the closed style of management, but optimistic feedback. The authors of the study concluded that as long as the protest does not come out in radical form, but can radicalists if hopes for dialogue will be deceived.

Political analyst Mikhail Vinogradov called a major “surprise” rally against the renovation project came to the event “legal idealists”, which the authorities will have to find a common language. “Denotes a category of people who do not understand the usual answers: “you all came for the money”, “we take you all to jail”, etc. That is, these people are not familiar with extralegal forms of manipulation, and the government will have to find with them common language”, – said the interlocutor of “Vedomosti”.

On the evening of may 14 in the electronic system “Active citizen” early voting has begun on the inclusion of the houses in the program of renovation of housing capital. Earlier it was announced that the voting will start from may 15. In the information technology Department explained TASS that the vote was launched in advance, in order to “ensure uniform growth of load, and check again the correctness of operation of all systems.”

Action against demolition of homes in the capital took place on Prospekt Akademika Sakharova on may 14. The meeting was conducted by the citizens who are dissatisfied with, in particular, the draft law on the renovation, which has already passed its first reading in the state Duma. According to the “White counter” per share were more than 20 thousand people. Organizers said about 30 thousands, and the police – about eight. While the event itself was only agreed on five thousand participants.

Half of the opponents of the renovation project in Moscow for the first time was at the rally 16.05.2017

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