The head of Department of own safety of the RCDS Mikhail Maksimenko, accused of taking bribes from crime boss Shakro Young, transferred to the psychiatric ward of the SIZO in Butyrka prison for examination, reported “Interfax” the Deputy head of the Public oversight Commission (POC) of Moscow eve Markachev. According to her, Maksimenko lost 15 pounds, walks bad, bad speaking, can not write. A source in the Federal penitentiary service confirmed the hospitalization.

Lawyer Maksimenko Alexander Vershinin confirmed RIA “news” the transfer of a senior officer of the RF IC from the Lefortovo prison to another prison, but undecided where. He will search tomorrow.

Information about health problems Maksimenko appeared at the beginning of October. October 14 in the Federal service of execution of punishments (FSIN) has denied appeared in media reports of ill health Maksimenko.

He Maksimenko complained of a severe headache. A former colleague of General, and now also the figurant of criminal case about corruption in the UK, Denis Nikandrov told the defenders that a few weeks ago Maksimenko “was taken to the FSB”, where he was given tea, which, apparently, added psychotropic drug.

“Maksimenko after that didn’t remember his name, didn’t recognize anyone,” said Nikandrov. He added that expensive psychotropic medications “just don’t use” and use them only with the permission of the Director of the FSB. He also noted that against him, such funds have not yet been used.

On October 13, the Chairman of the PMC in Moscow eve Markachev said that “after the story of psychotropic drugs” Maksimenko stopped taking food, “fearing that there is something to add”. He also refuses treatment in “Lefortovo”, since the tablets, which gave prison doctors, he’s “worse”.

Human rights defenders recommended that “immediately hospitalized Maksimenko” and begin his treatment outside the prison. Markachev also noted that the state Maksimenko “worse than what was in General Kolesnikov“, which in the summer of 2014, according to the official version, committed suicide by jumping from the sixth floor window of the building of the Investigative Committee in Moscow, where he was brought in for questioning in connection with allegations by the resonant case of provocation of a bribe.

The head of management of own safety of the RCDS Mikhail Maksimenko, his Deputy Alexander Limonov and the first Deputy head of the Moscow dome RCDS Denis Nikandrov was arrested in July of this year. According to investigators, for the money they were promised help in liberation from jail the associates of crime boss Zakhary Kalashov (Shakro Young). He Shakro Young was arrested July 13, 2016.

Head of Department of own security of the UK, who was arrested on charges Shakro Young, was transferred to the psychiatric Department of the “Butyrki” 18.10.2016

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