Helsinki city Council finally rejected the proposal to build the city’s Museum of modern art Guggenheim.

In the result of a long and emotional debate that lasted six hours, of the 85 members of the city Council, 53 voted against the construction of the local branch of the world-renowned American Museum.

Council members were not against the spirit of the Helsinki Museum of contemporary art, and against such costly from a financial point of view of the project, the website of the Finnish national broadcasting company Yle.

Thus the question of building in the Finnish capital of a branch of the Museum of modern art, the Guggenheim, in Bilbao (Spain) and Venice (Italy), finally closed after six years of discussions and disputes.

This proposal initially called in Finnish society is the disapproval – many considered it a waste of taxpayers money while the economy was in recession.

In 2012 Helsinki city hall appealed to the Guggenheim Foundation with a request to explore the possibility of building the next Guggenheim Museum in the Finnish capital. However, in the same year the project was rejected by the city Council of Helsinki.

The next year the Guggenheim Foundation itself made a proposal to build a Museum in the Finnish capital on the money from the budget. In 2015, the French architectural Bureau Moreau Kusunoki Architect presented the architectural design of the Museum building. But even the attempt to connect private investors to the project worth 130 million Euro could not be saved.

Recall and do not exercise the Museum project was supposed of its total area of 12 thousand sq. m to give a exposure about 4 thousand sq. m. the Specialisation of the Museum was to be architecture and design. Every year the Museum wanted to spend two or three major exhibitions and three to five small. Its annual attendance had to be 500-550 thousand people. The opening of the Museum planned for 2018.

Helsinki city Council finally rejected the project of building the branch of the Museum of modern art Solomon R. Guggenheim 01.12.2016

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