General Director of the Hermitage Mikhail Piotrovsky, commenting on the attacks from indignant with the opening of the Museum exhibition of the Belgian artist Jan Fabre “the Knight of despair – a warrior of beauty”, which used stuffed dead animals, said they are from the people who the exhibition was not even.

“We do not react to it,” said Piotrovsky. “We have an entire educational program around Fabre, which covers social networks, apps, mobile devices, and includes roundtables. But it is, of course, designed for people who are even slightly interested in, for people to think. Of course, such events we have and will again, because it turned out that the audience we are less educated than we thought”, he added.

According to TASS, Piotrovsky also said “for those wondering” what in the Hermitage scheduled several meetings and excursions with the real animal, and not fake.

The Hermitage has received a lot of accusations of cruelty from social media users after the opening of the exhibition Jan Fabre, who in his work talks about life and death, physical and social metamorphosis, and the nature of the cruelty inherent in both people and animals.

As materials to create compositions Fabre often uses stuffed birds and animals, shells of beetles and even blood. The artist emphasizes that he does no harm to living beings, and takes the bodies of dead animals.

“Fabre is trying to give them new life in art and thus to conquer death. Found them along the freeways of the body are hit by a car he makes from the waste of the consumer society in reproach of human cruelty”, – explained in the Department of contemporary art of the Hermitage.

However, some believe that the stuffed animals have no place in the Hermitage and the art has no right to exist. There were even demands for the resignation of the Director of the Museum.

The representatives of the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation, headed by Vladimir Medinsky, was not his own opinion about the ongoing persecution of the exposition. The Agency has distanced himself and did not consider it necessary to respond to the situation, explaining that this is “the zone of responsibility of the Museum.”

The Museum itself is in response to widely spread the hashtag “#Panoramica”, which was about angry responses about the exhibition, opened on their official pages in social networks the hashtag “#kaskisaari”, which talks about the paintings of the old masters with images of cats, and animals in contemporary art.

The main characters of my new column became famous Hermitage cats. Their pictures on the background of the interiors of the Winter Palace are reminiscent of the mission to protect homeless animals that the Hermitage has assumed voluntarily.

Hermitage Director Piotrovsky about the persecution of the exhibition Jan Fabre: do fake defenders of animals that the Museum was not 16.11.2016

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