A recent candidate in US presidents from Democratic party Hillary Clinton accused the head of the FBI James Komi to defeat on elections. On this, as found out the newspaper The Washington Post, Clinton said during a telephone conversation with the sponsors of his election campaign.

“There are many reasons due to which these elections were not successful. But our analysis showed that the letter Komi Republic raised a number of concerns that were unfounded, baseless and led to a halt in the pace of our movement,” Clinton said (quoted by TASS). According to her, the letter from the FBI Director “the wind literally was blowing in the sails”.

Moreover, as soon as the Democrats returned to their former growth of popularity, Komi Republic issued a second statement, which referred to the closure of the case. “The second letter Komi Republic, stating that we already knew was a real motivating factor for voters trump,” – said Clinton.

In late October, the Komi Republic has notified the chairmen of the several committees in Congress that the FBI resumes its investigations in connection with the use of Clinton’s personal email server in the years of her tenure as Secretary of state. Komi explained the decision by the appearance of some emails allegedly associated with the specified case. What exactly are the new investigative actions of the FBI and that they are directed, did not become known.

As it became known recently, the newspaper the Daily Mail, Obama was furious because of the decision of the Komi Republic for 11 days before the election to reopen the investigation.

First, the President did not want to take action against Komi Republic out of fear that he will be charged with obstruction of justice. However, according to the publication, Obama still gave the order to prepare a plan for the removal of the Komi Republic from office.

Hillary Clinton accused the Director of the FBI’s defeat in the elections 13.11.2016

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