The candidate in US presidents from Democratic party Hillary Clinton walked around his opponent from the Republican party of Donald trump in the presidential race in the total number of votes.

According to 16:00 in Moscow, Clinton voted 59 163 539 voters, that is, 47.6% of the total. At the same time trump was given 59 027 749 votes is 47.5%, according to The New York Times.

Meanwhile, trump still wins according to the number of electors, as all the electors in most States are given to the winner. The Republican has already gathered 279 votes, with 270 needed to win. The Clinton – 218.

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Clinton already congratulated trump of victory, but refused to speak to his supporters. Through his campaign Manager, she was told that the calculations are still ongoing. Trump in his speech, the winner said that Clinton’s team did a very good job, but America has made its choice.

Hillary Clinton surpassed trump in the total number of votes 09.11.2016

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