French President Francois Hollande, speaking on a televised address to the compatriots, has announced that he will not run for a second term in the upcoming presidential elections, which are scheduled for spring 2017. For the first time since the establishment of the Fifth Republic in 1958, the President voluntarily decided not to go to the polls. Experts attribute this to the fact that Hollande is the most unpopular head of state in the history of the country, reports Reuters.

“I realize the risk that, following this path will not gain sufficient support, so I decided not to become a candidate in the presidential election. For four and a half years I served the country sincerely and honestly,” said Hollande. He stressed that in the time remaining at the head of the state will focus on the leadership of the country before the presidential election.

In his speech to the people, the French President also listed the promises given before the election to the presidency in 2012, and talked about what I did to implement them. Thus Hollande acknowledged that some action had to wait a lot longer than expected, and that when they are executed, mistakes were made.

Reporters noted that even the statement of the President for many and was a complete surprise, it is still logic. Hollande has repeatedly set the “records of antipopulist”. So, in February 2016, the rating of its popularity among the French was 20%, and by June and all declined to a record 12%.

Public opinion polls show that neither Hollande nor any other candidate from the Socialist party would not pass the second round of presidential elections scheduled for 7 may. The first round will take place on 23 April next year.

In November, the Bureau of the French National Assembly (lower house of Parliament) was transferred to the Executive authorities the draft resolution on the impeachment of President Francois Hollande in connection with the suspected disclosure of confidential information. The document was sent to the President and the Prime Minister Manuel Valls.

The deputies of the party “the Republicans” explained in its communiqué that the draft resolution, which was initiated by Pierre Lellouche, is based on a serious violation of the President’s duties, in particular in the field of preservation of the defense secret. Hollande blamed his remarks released in October, the book “the President shouldn’t say”, which published dozens of interviews with the head of France.

Members have in mind in particular an article published by Le Monde in August 2016, under the title “the Day Obama threw Hollande”. The article talks about the period when France was preparing to strike at Syria in late summer 2013. As a clarification to the article written by Dave Gerard and Fabrice Lomon whose 60 interview with the head of state gave rise to the publication of books, Le Monde reproduced document containing “defense secret”, where was presented “the theoretical deployment of the intervention”.

Presidential elections in France are scheduled for spring 2017. Current projections suggest that former Prime Minister Francois Fillon will have higher chances of winning. Experts expect that the main competitor, the center-right will be the head of “natsfronta” marine Le Pen.

Hollande has refused participation in presidential election 02.12.2016

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