In the city of Iskitim of the Novosibirsk region seniors by throwing stones from a bridge, caught in a nine-year-old girl and struck her head, reports the “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

As told the mother of the affected child, two high school students threw stones from a bridge on the bypass road and failed to hit the girl. The child was hospitalized, he is now in intensive care.

The girl who threw the stones, goes to night school. Now it is the juvenile division of the interior Ministry, told the mother of the injured girl, noting that he wrote a statement to the police on the bullies who beat her daughter.

A few days earlier in a similar case has occurred in Volgograd: there is a ten-year-old student accidentally struck the head with a rock homeless the elderly man, reported the website , citing eyewitnesses. The boy had a good time that threw stones in the direction of the garbage cans and hit the head of “intelligent elderly man without a certain residence”. The victim was taken to hospital, where he received the necessary help.

The police found that the actions of the child it was not the intention. And the grandmother of the bully, which was summoned immediately after the incident and even stated that, in her opinion, the grandson didn’t do anything terrible man, because he was homeless, reported the website “Free press – Yug”.

Hooligans throwing stones from a bridge in Iskitim, he crushed the head of 9-year-old girl 16.05.2017

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