Hugh Jackman showed in the Twitter poster for another solo film about one of the “x-men” – Wolverine. Thus, it became known that the picture that continues the story of “x-Men: the Beginning. Wolverine” and “Wolverine: Immortal”, has received the name “Logan”.

In the story, the hero Hugh Jackman James Howlett, but he prefers to call himself Logan after the character of Thomas Logan, who in Marvel comics called his biological father.

The news that the film received the name “Logan”, confirmed Director James Mangold. In the film, due for release in March 2017, also stars Patrick Stewart, Elizabeth Rodriguez, Stephen merchant and Boyd Holbrook.

It is known that in the third film about Wolverine will occur in the post-apocalyptic future described in the comic series Old Man Logan. In these comics Logan meets up with Hawkeye, has a disagreement with the descendants of the Hulk, loses faith in himself, flying in the Iron man suit, kills the shield of Captain America, red Skull, Bruce Banner, and then sent to restore order in the world.

Earlier it became known that Hugh Jackman will not return to the role of Wolverine after the release of the third part of the spin-off. On the termination of cooperation with Fox also announced Jennifer Lawrence (Mystic) and Nicholas hoult (Beast). A contract with the Studio they will end in 2016 – then the screens will be released “x-Men: Apocalypse”.

After the release of the final part of the trilogy “x-Men”, Fox likely will start the restart of the franchise. Young actors who will star in the reboot, apparently, chosen. The updated team of mutants unable to enter Tye Sheridan (Cyclops), Sophie Turner (Jean grey), Alexandra Shipp (Storm) and Kodi Smith-McPhee (Night Snakes). In the image of their characters can be seen in “Apocalypse”.

The “Untitled Wolverine” is titled! See the new poster for #Logan:

Hugh Jackman has revealed the poster for the movie about Wolverine in a post-apocalyptic world (PHOTOS) 06.10.2016

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