The human rights organization Amnesty International has accused the Sudanese authorities of using chemical weapons against the population in the Darfur region. As reported on the website of human rights activists, since January this year as a result of the use of banned weapons died from 200 to 250 people, including dozens of children.

Organization refers to 56 witnesses confirming about 32 cases of use of chemical weapons. The people of Darfur have complained of the smoke with a strange smell. Just a few minutes after the appearance of the smoke of those who breathed, and started puking, having diarrhea. According to human rights activists, people from “poison smoke” was also obstructed, there vomiting blood, and the skin was covered with blisters and started peeling off.

Many of the cases of use of chemical weapons backed up by photos and videos of child victims. Eyewitnesses said that some of the children caught in the attack, died almost immediately, and some still suffered several months.

While the Sudanese authorities did not respond to the report of human rights activists. Two respondents of the expert on chemical weapons confirmed to Amnesty International that the symptoms of the victims indicate that the use of chemical substances, leading to skin tears or ulcers.

The human rights organization urged the government to investigate incidents and to exert pressure on the Sudanese government to allow access of humanitarian missions to remote parts of Darfur.

The government of Sudan in 1999 and acceded to the Convention on the prohibition of chemical weapons, which provides for the arrangement of countries never to use toxic weapons.

The conflict between the Sudanese authorities and residents in the Darfur region flared in 2003 after the area was discovered large oil reserves. During the conflict in Darfur has killed about 300 thousand people. After talks in the Qatari capital Doha in 2011, the authorities and one of the rebel factions could make peace.

Human rights activists have accused the Sudanese authorities of using chemical weapons 29.09.2016

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