Suspected of preparing sabotage and terrorist acts on the territory of Crimea Evgeny Panov and Andrew Sahta in custody in a Moscow jail “Lefortovo”. On Monday, the Kiev district court of Simferopol in the closed mode has extended their arrest Panov and Saftey to 10 December, reports RIA “Novosti”.

“We conducted a planned inspection of the remand prison “Lefortovo”, when they found Panov and Sahaja in one of the chambers of the insulator. After talking with them found out that they secretly delivered to Moscow about a week ago. Since they are in “Lefortovo”, – said journalists the Deputy Chairman of the Moscow Public oversight Commission (POC) eve Markachev.

According to her, both suspects complain of abuse. Neither gentry nor Sahta don’t know why they were brought to Moscow and placed in jail “Lefortovo”, said the human rights activist.

A member of the PMC Zoya Svetova, who also personally talked with the suspects, said the”Open Russia”that Panov and Sahaja brought to Moscow on the night of 7 October. “A helicopter was transferred to the mainland and then by car to Moscow”, – said Panov.

“We have seen Evgeny Panov and Andrew Sahaja bloody wounds from the handcuffs, we also noticed the bruises on her arms. The prisoners are told that these marks left from detention in August. On the way from Simferopol to Moscow the guards gave prisoners the patches or tried to lightly slap the cuffs on, so as not to hurt the wounds on her wrists captured. The detention was hard: Panov on his forehead – red scar, Sahaja – scar on the bridge of his nose,” said Svetova.

In a conversation with her lords was asked to transfer to the Ukrainian Consul to visit him in jail, and relatives made a pass and put the money in a personal account. Tahta, who has dual citizenship of Ukraine and Russia, in turn, asked to convey to the wife that she sent him to Moscow a parcel with clothes and food.

According to the detainees, their lawyers in Simferopol they saw only “once or twice”, and in Moscow to him the defenders didn’t come. Investigative actions with them also not carried out, journalists.

On 13 August, the Kyiv district court of Simferopol arrested Andrew Sahaja. 11 August in the same court for two months was arrested another accused of preparing acts of sabotage and terrorist acts Evgeny Panov. It was previously called the coordinator of the sabotage operation.

Later, however, sources in the defense Ministry toldthat the organizer and coordinator of the plan in the Crimea sabotage was an employee of the main intelligence Directorate (Gur) of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine captain Vladimir Serdyuk. All on suspicion in complicity in the terrorist attacks were detained about 10 people.

The FSB on 10 August announced the arrest of a group of saboteurs on the territory of Crimea, as well as on the prevention of terrorist attacks on the Peninsula. According to intelligence agencies, the targets of the attacks were identified critical infrastructure and life support of the Peninsula. During the arrest of terrorists killed two Russian military. Prosecuted.

Ukraine categorically rejects all accusations of Russia in his address. President Petro Poroshenko called “fantasies” communications of the FSB of the Russian Federation about preparation of the Ukrainian Ministry of defence of sabotage in the Crimea.

Human rights activists have discovered “the Crimean saboteurs” in jail “Lefortovo” 14.10.2016

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