Humanitarian pause in Aleppo extended for another day, it will operate from 08:00 to 19:00 on 22 October. This was reported today to journalists head of the Main operations Directorate of the General staff of the Armed forces of the Russian Federation Sergey rudskoy.

“At the request of the UN and other international organisations by decision of the President of the Russian Federation humanitarian pause in the district of Aleppo will be extended for one day from 08:00 to 19:00 on 22 October”, – quotes “Interfax” on November.

October 17 in Minoborony of the Russian Federation after requests by the UN and human rights activists saidthat the military will conduct “humanitarian pause” in Syria’s Aleppo for the passage of civilians and the withdrawal of militants in the area of Idlib.

Humanitarian pause in Aleppo began on 20 October from 08:00 am. The ceasefire is intended for the release of civilians, the evacuation of the wounded and sick, as well as to ensure that the city could leave the militants blocked in the East of the city.

To ensure that people were created six of humanitarian corridors for civilians and two corridors for the rebels. Russia and Syria have stopped airstrikes in Aleppo on 18 October.

The United States and other Western countries accuse Moscow and Damascus to bombardment of civilians and positions of the armed opposition in Syria. Russia insists that it targets only terrorists, and accuses US of failing to affect the forces of “moderate opposition” to dissociate them from the radicals.

Humanitarian pause in Aleppo has been extended by one day 21.10.2016

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