Hurricane destructive power Matthew covered the Bahamas and the state capital of Nassau. In the United States in anticipation of hurricane state of emergency declared in the two States and the Governor of Florida called the storm “a real monster”. Among the States that have already experienced the power of the elements, the largest number of victims recorded in Haiti – as of Friday morning, the death toll there has exceeded 280 people.

BayNews9 reports that in Nassau three dozen people rescued from locked due to hurricane structures. About the victims of the disaster in the Bahamas at the time of this writing, not reported. According to meteorologists, the wave height at the coast can reach five meters. It is also expected to 30 cm of precipitation.

According to the U.S. National center for hurricanes, the wind speed at the center Matthew is up to 210 kilometers per hour. NBC News meteorologist bill Karins in his Twitter indicates that the coast of the U.S. state of Florida each mile that a hurricane may pass East or West of the predicted trajectory as it is still unclear whether the eye of the vortex over land.

The website FloridaToday points to Brevard County as the most likely point of where the hurricane will reach the United States. While the County has opened shelters for residents, thousands of whom were left without electricity because of cliff lines. The Orlando Sentinel reports that heavy rain in Central Florida and publishing warnings about floods for a number of districts.

Throughout the state of Florida declared a state of emergency. Later President Barack Obama declared a state of emergency in neighboring South Carolina, which is also on the way of the vortex. This decision allows local authorities to seek the assistance of the Federal emergency management Agency (FEMA) and the Department of homeland security. A spokesman for the White house Josh Ernest warned that Matthew was stronger than previously expected, reports TASS. In Florida in a state of high alert given 6 thousand reservists of the National guard, local authorities are allowed discretion to temporarily close schools in the event of deteriorating weather conditions.

In addition to the two States, where the declared state of emergency, the storm also threatens the States of Georgia and North Carolina. The number of residents of the four States that have received the recommendations of the authorities to evacuate, exceeded 2 million people.

Because of the hurricane, many us airlines, including American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines and Southwest Airlines have announced the cancellation or transfers its flights from airports in the South-Eastern part of the United States.

Numerous victims in Haiti

The hurricane has already caused numerous victims in Haiti, where the dead are 283 people.

RIA “Novosti” with reference to Radio Television Caraibes reports that most of the victims recorded in the commune of Chantal – 90 people, followed by the commune of Les angles – 85 dead. Search and rescue efforts continue, it is possible that the number of victims will grow even more.

According to rescuers, nearly 35 thousand people remained without a roof over your head.

Element destroyed about 80% of the buildings in the town of Jeremie in the South-West of the country in the Department of Grand Anse, the local authorities said that the city is completely destroyed.

Hurricane Matthew has covered the Bahamas. The number of victims in Haiti reached 280 07.10.2016

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