Iceland expressed its dissatisfaction with the dangerous flight of Russian bombers on a small distance from the plane of civil aviation. The corresponding statement was made on the eve of the foreign policy Department of the country, reports RIA “Novosti” with reference to AFP.

According to the foreign Ministry of Iceland, three Russian Tu-160 bombers flew at 1800-2700 meters below the passenger plane EN route from Reykjavik to Stockholm.

The incident allegedly occurred in the airspace of Iceland, near the border with Norway. Russian planes were not reported local control service on the itinerary. At the same time, the Russian Embassy in Iceland, said that the manoeuvre was not dangerous.

The foreign Ministry of Iceland has also stated that he had repeatedly expressed against overflights by unidentified Russian aircraft because of the threat they may pose to civil aviation. However, the representative of the Russian Embassy in Reykjavik Alex Shadskiy stated that this was a pretext in order to reopen the us Navy base in Keflavík.

Note that Iceland is among the NATO countries, which supported last year the idea of close cooperation in an effort to counter Russian military threat.

“Russia’s leaders have shown that they are ready to practice the use of military means to achieve their political goals, even when it involves a violation of the principles of international law” – believe in the Alliance.

Note that last week, the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter reported that the government of Sweden also received some information about the growing threat from Russia. The nature and content of the threat, the leadership of the European countries keeps secret.

Iceland protested the maneuvers of Russian bombers near its borders 27.09.2016

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