In Colombia identified the bodies of all those killed in the crash
On November 29 the aircraft of the Bolivian Charter airline LaMia,
the number of players and the leadership of the Brazilian football team
“Epicoene”, Reuters reports, citing Colombian authorities.

2 Dec bodies will take to the Brazilian city of Chapeco in the state
Santa Catarina, farewell to football will be held at the city stadium,
where they played.

All six survivors are in hospital in Medellin,
according to the BBC.
According to doctors, only two of them crew members of a Bolivian
technician Erwin Tumiri, the Bolivian stewardess Ximena Suarez – not
critical condition, the other four are in office
of intensive therapy.

27-year-old Alan Rosela had surgery on the spine,
but, according to doctors, he can move. When he was rescued, he was in
consciousness and asked rescuers to save the engagement ring. His bride
told Brazilian media that advised him not to fly to Brazil
once home I’ve misplaced his passport.

24-year-old Brazilian goalkeeper Jackson of Folman amputated
right leg, there is a risk that it will lose the second leg. His father Paulo
told the AP: “the Chances of survival in a plane crash is almost zero, the fact that my
the son of one of the survivors, is a miracle of the Lord.”

31-year-old defender Elio Emilio Neto received a severe injury of the skull,
the chest and lungs.

43-year-old sports journalist Rafael Ganzel asked workers
hospital to call his wife and report that he is alive and conscious. At
to the doctors, he had multiple broken ribs, which damaged

Before these ceremonies took place at the stadium in the city
Medellin, where “Epicoene” had to play the biggest club of the city
“Atletico Nacional”. The stadium calculated on 40 thousand places, was
too small to accommodate the tens of thousands of Colombians, who came from
candles to commemorate the dead of the team, says the website Colombia
. A lot of people left standing outside.

As Y estn las cosas a las afueras del estadio. ESTO ES
BRUTAL, SEORES. Gesto que te pone la piel de gallina.

Identified the bodies of all those killed in plane crash in Colombia 01.12.2016

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