Lawyer Igor Trunov, who represents the interests of the detained yesterday in Moscow the leader of the French group Space, Didier Marouani and myself were together with him were detained out of the police Department, commented on the current caused by the Russian singer Philip Kirkorov absurd situation.

Trunov and Marouani, who flew to Moscow, counting on a meeting with Kirkorov in the “savings Bank” to get him to 1 million euros of compensation, which the Russian singer, allegedly agreed to pay as compensation for plagiarism with a hit Symphonic Space Dream Didier Marouani in his song “Cruel love”. According to the lawyer, they had a prior written agreement with Kirkorov, but the office of “Sberbank” they waited for the police.

“Absolutely legal deal, absolutely healthy offer, which followed a week ago. Agreed on all the documents called the notary. And Philip at the last moment, when the question arose that the notary has already come, for you to sign, threw the money on the table and ran away. And then came the police. Naturally, they began to intimidate, to catch up with horror. Well, not beat, but so I have something pazzagli like I spretulus, you know? That’s still not enough,” he told reporters Trunov.

He was surprised how good it can be to resist in a Bank – “why go?”.

“So, of course, tomorrow we will detail the incident. Didier we put a lawyer immediately. Our attorney represents its interests. I think tomorrow we will write the statement on initiation of legal proceedings against Philip Kirkorov and the team that accompanies him is a team of lawyers, I mean. So tomorrow at the press conference, we announced further actions to prevent the outrage that happened to us. Only, of course, is the fact that apologized to us – at least in front of me, I don’t know what it is with Didier,” said the lawyer.

Trunov also said that the dossier with case of plagiarism with the original examination and settlement agreement, which they had tomorrow in the court file, he seized, reports Ren TV.

“There is no criminal case – under which seized property, the dossier is withdrawn?”, – expressed surprise Trunov.

Igor Trunov, the lawyer of the detainee in Moscow, Didier Marouani, announced that he intends to pursue a criminal case against Kirkorov 30.11.2016

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