Activist Ildar Dading, the first of the convicts in the updated article 212.1 of the criminal code, has complained of torture and beating at the Segezha colony IK-7. In a letter sent to his wife Anastasia Zotova, he said that the authorities systematically beaten, intimidated him and threatened to kill him.

Letter Dading published on the portal “Medusa”. “In the penal colony IK-7, there is a whole mafia, which involved the entire administration of the institution: the head of the colony, the major of internal service, Cossies Sergey Leonidovich and the vast majority of prison staff, including doctors,” wrote the activist.

According to Dading, he was immediately sent to solitary due to throw two blades. “In a punishment cell I was sent without any judgments, but it took away all of the things including soap, toothbrush, toothpaste and even toilet paper. In response to these illegal actions, I went on a hunger strike”, – he stressed. After this, the torture and beatings.

“11 Sep 2016, I came to the head of the colony Cossies with three employees. They started to beat me up. Just beat for the day four times, for 10-12 people at a time, and beat feet. After the third beating lowered his head in a toilet right in the camera the cooler.

12 September 2016 officers came, handcuffed my hands behind my back and hung by handcuffs. Such a suspension causes a terrible pain in the wrists, in addition, Unscrew the elbow joint and feeling the wild back pain. So I hung half an hour. Then he took off my panties, and said now will bring the other prisoner and he’s gonna rape me if I didn’t agree to stop the hunger strike”, – said in the letter, written by lawyer Alexei Lipcer according to the Dading October 31.

The Federal service of execution of punishments (FSIN) confirmed that by Dadina used force. As reported by”Novaya Gazeta”, the representatives of the Ministry said that on September 11 “Dading in a rough form refused to leave the chamber, take the position for the search, began to miss the hands of employees for uniform, with the result that it had been applied physical strength and spessartite”.

The dading threatened to “bury it behind the fence”

Dading also said that the head of the colony Cossies in his office in the presence of other employees threatened him: “You still a little beat. If I give the staff, you will be beaten much stronger. Try to complain – they will kill you and bury you behind the fence”.

“Regular beatings, abuse, humiliation, insults, intolerable conditions of detention of other prisoners,” – says Dading.

The activist was asked to distribute the letter “as widely as possible”, as in Karelian colony “real information blockade.” His wife Anastasia Zotova said that no one that wrote Dading, she didn’t get it.

“I ask you to publicize information about what major Cossies directly threatened with murder for trying to complain about what is happening. I’ll be glad if you find the lawyer who will be able to reside in Segezha and to provide legal support”, – said in the letter.

According to Dading, if it is again subjected to “torture, beatings and rape”, it is “unlikely to last longer than a week.” “In case of my sudden death you can say that the reason was a suicide, accidental, shot while trying to escape or fight with another inmate, but it would be a lie, it will be planned by the administration killing in order to remove the witness and victim of torture,” concluded the activist in a letter to his wife.

In turn Zotova in Facebook wrote: “the government never would have to worry about for no reason: if he reports that he was constantly beaten and it is unlikely he will live longer than a week – means it is exceptionally serious”.

Lawyer Dading Alex lipcer confirmed the”Open Russia”that from mid-October Ildar Dading was systematically beaten and sent to a punishment cell on far-fetched reasons. According to him, every time he was forced to sign a document stating that he agrees with its premises in a punishment cell.

“Ildar says that he does not agree that all this is illegal. Even today at the meeting with him he told me personally nothing did not say out loud, and described the entire situation on paper, because he feared that he may punish the message of this information,” said lipcer.

The Ombudsman took “control” of the situation with Davnym

The Commissioner for human rights in the Russian Federation Tatiana Moskalkova took personal control of the situation with Ildar Davnym, reports “Interfax”. “I sent the request and spoke personally by telephone with the penal system and keep the situation under personal control,” – said Moskalkova.

She noted that she also sent a request to the Prosecutor of the Republic of Karelia. In addition, Moskalkova turned to the Karelian authorized, in the near future intends to send a colony of the employee of the device, and also communicates with the Public oversight Commission (POC) of the Republic.

Ildar Dading was repeatedly brought to administrative responsibility for participation in opposition rallies – four in 2014. Dading remains the only convicted under article 212.1 of the criminal code after her appearance in the new edition of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation in the summer of 2014. The first consideration of the case he was sentenced to three years in a General regime colony, although the prosecution had asked only for two years. March 31, the Moscow city court has mitigated the sentence to activist for six months.

Ildar Dading told of torture and beatings in the Karelian colony 01.11.2016

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