Activist Ildar Dading, the first in the history of Russian justice who was convicted for repeated violation of rules for holding rallies, which in mid-October, was put in a punishment cell (SHIZO) Karelian colony in Segezha, transferred to strict conditions of detention. In FSIN declared that Dading violated the conditions of detention in prison 7 times and disrespect to the staff, in particular, appealed to him.

“A week ago during my trip to Segezha colony IK-7, where is serving a sentence Ildar, it turned out that he is in a punishment cell and transferred to strict conditions of detention. He Ildar said that three times, got in the cooler. I wrote an appeal to the colony to figure out the details, and here came the answer. It turned out that (according to FSIN), the government has violated the conditions not three, but seven times” – he wrote in a blog on the website “Open Russia”, the activist’s wife Anastasia Zotova.

To record she had a photo of the official response to the request from the correctional colony N7. While Zotov said that seven violations of the conditions of detention make virtually no attempts to obtain parole Dadina. “And this is all the more strange that during his stay in the SIZO of Moscow and St. Petersburg he had no penalties (which are paper),” added the wife of the activist.

In mid-October it became known that the Dading was put in solitary confinement in a Karelian prison in Segezha, where he is serving real time for a participation in the number of outstanding shares, and was transferred to strict conditions of detention. This was also reported by Zotov, who came to the colony, to convey the products and hoping for a date, but in connection with the transfer to the punishment cell even a phone call was impossible.

“When Ildar was in a punishment cell, said. What, you didn’t. How many days is not said. But apparently the penalty box, he was not for the first time – because he was transferred to strict conditions”, said she.

Meanwhile, with an official address in connection with the transfer, the Dading on strict conditions was made by the human rights centre “memorial”. Human rights activists noted that the prisoner transferred on strict conditions, could call relatives only in cases of emergency, severely limited his right to receive visits and parcels from home. Moreover, the decision on the withdrawal of the stringent conditions can not be accepted earlier than six months after their introduction.

“In addition, there are questions about the legality of placing Ildar Dading in the cooler and transfer to SOUSSE, it is still unknown what exactly was the violation, when and for how long Ildar was transferred to strict conditions of detention, and how long he will be in solitary,” said the “Memorial”.

In the human rights center stressed that the Dading is political prisoners and the persecution is “politically motivated” and demanded the immediate and unconditional release. “Memorial” also made a call for concerned people to write letters to the head of IK-7 “with the requirement to comply strictly with the law in relation to prisoners in General, and Ildar Dading in particular, and a reminder of the inadmissibility of violation of legitimate rights and freedoms of Ildar Dading in prison.”

Dading was repeatedly brought to administrative responsibility for participation in opposition rallies – four in 2014. Dading remains the only convicted under article 212.1 of the criminal code after her appearance in the new edition of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation in the summer of 2014. The first consideration of the case he was sentenced to three years in a General regime colony, although the prosecution had asked only for two years. March 31, the Moscow city court has mitigated the sentence to activist for six months.

In early October the Moscow city court rejected the cassation on the case, and the protection of the Dading sent a complaint to the European court of human rights (ECHR). According to the lawyer Ksenia Kostromina, listed in the complaint is admitted by the authorities of the Russian Federation of violation of articles of the European Convention on human rights: the right to freedom of Assembly and Association (article 11), right to a fair trial (article 6), the right not to be tried or punished twice (part 1 of article 4 of Protocol N7).

Ildar Dading was transferred to strict conditions of detention in IK-7 from turning on prison staff 26.10.2016

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