In the third quarter of 2016, sharply reduced deliveries of alcohol to Russia from-for transition to excise stamps of the new sample. About it writes on Thursday the newspaper “Kommersant” , citing data from the customs statistics.

With a shortage of tax stamps of a new sample of the many foreign suppliers of alcohol collided in mid-summer. After that, the supply of rum fell by 61.4%, while imports of whiskey decreased by 41%.

Marked reduction of import wines. So, imported table wines declined by 25.6 per cent, and sparkling – by 13.4%. Imports of vermouth and flavored wines decreased by almost half.

In the first half of 2016, all categories showed growth, particularly noticeable on the background of failure in 2015 – and this was explained by the strengthening of the ruble.

In General due to a failure tretiego quarter sank the supply of alcohol in Russia in the first nine months of the year: whiskey imports during this time declined by 17.9% to 14.7 million litres of rum – 12.6%, to 2.5 million litres and still wines – 5.9 percent, to 113.7 million liters, sparkling by 1.3% to 18.21 million liters, vermouths and the flavored wines 17%, to 6.85 million liters.

The current decline in market participants relates to the fact that many importers have experienced in this period a shortage of excise stamps. From 1 July they had to get a brand new model, however, due to bureaucratic delays, the process of issuance only began in late summer.

The publication gives a review of the President of the wine company Simple Maxim Kashirin, who said that most companies only at the end of September began steadily to a new brand.

Thus, notes the edition with reference to the Manager of one of the distributors of alcohol, the problem with excise stamps to a lesser degree affected international companies Diageo, Bacardi and Pernod Ricard. These companies have not a great variety, as Russian importers, so they could afford to buy more old brand for its products and generate large runoff, that got us through the third quarter without losses.

Import of alcohol to Russia has declined sharply due to the change of excise stamps 27.10.2016

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