The number of refugees who died in the year 2016 in the Mediterranean sea, 4 exceeded 220 people, taking into account those 240 people are feared dead after two shipwrecks, which occurred on 2 November off the coast of Libya. This was announced on Friday, 4 November, the representative of the International organization for migration (IOM) Itii Viriri at a press conference in Geneva.

The number of migrants who arrived since the beginning of the year to Europe across the Mediterranean sea exceeds 335 thousand people, reports Turkish news Agency Anadolu.

As of November 2, in Europe by sea arrived 031 335 people, of whom 169 901 took to Greece and 159 496 – Italy. These figures are contained in the database on the organization’s website. In 2015, for the same period in European countries counted 728 926 arrived migrants.

Compared to the previous year in the Mediterranean increased mortality, this year a spokesman for the international organization described as the most deadly for migrants.

Statistics from the IOM suggests that the most dangerous is the route from North Africa to Italy, which claimed 3743 human life. On the way from Turkey to Greece since the beginning of the year killed 415 people, reports TASS.

“This year died in 725 more immigrants and refugees than in the same period of 2015″, – said Itii Viriri. The statistics include victims from two inflatable boats wrecked during four storm on 2 November.

Because of the incident off the coast of Libya the death toll in the Mediterranean sea refugees this week reached a record level. In a telephone interview with ABC News Itii Viriri said that the winter was the number of boats with migrants trying to reach Europe generally shrinking. Last year sea voyage was undertaken from March or April until the beginning of autumn.

According to testimonies of survivors, the migrants were transported by smugglers in rubber boats. Of the 27 survivors were six children and 18 women, some of whom were pregnant. Rescuers brought the survivors to the Italian island of Lampedusa, where three were hospitalized, one in serious condition.

“The smugglers tell migrants: if you are going to go, now. They recklessly cram into boats and more people and take more trips. That is why we see record numbers of victims,” explained Vieri.

International organization for migration established in 1951 as an intergovernmental organization. In its activities it adheres to the principle that humane and orderly migration benefit both migrants and their host society. It has more than 400 offices worldwide and over 9,000 employees working in different countries.

In 2016 increased the number of deaths of migrants ferried to Europe through the Mediterranean sea 04.11.2016

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