Ian Brady who with his girlfriend Myra Hindley from 1963 to 1965 killed and raped children in greater Manchester, died in a British prison Ashworth at the age of 79 years. Recent years he required to stop being force-fed and allowed to die. Pair, delirium Dostoevsky and the crimes of the Nazis buried their victims in the marshes Sadoor than earned the nickname “swamp killers”.

Brady and Hindley were convicted of the murder of five children aged 10 to 17 – Pauline Reade, Edward Evans, Lesley Ann Dyni, John Kilbride and Keith Bennett. The body of one of the victims was discovered during the arrest of the pair, two more bodies were found in the Heather, the third victim managed to find and rebury after 20 years with Hindley, and the body of Keith Bennett, which is assumed to be in the marshes still remains unfound. A few hours before his death Brady again asked, where is hidden the boy’s body, but the attempt to achieve from a sadistic sexual predator of cooperation once again proved unsuccessful, reports Sky News.

Ian Brady was born on 2 January 1938 in Glasgow. He was brought up in another family, were distinguished by cruelty and sadism. Was convicted for threatening to kill and theft. Able to learn accounting and got a job in the company “Millwards Merchandising”. There, in Manchester, he met Myra Hindley, who worked in the office as a typist.

Myra Hindley was born July 23, 1942 in Manchester. A baby she had been beaten by her alcoholic father and mother. After moving to her grandmother seriously interested in religion and preparing for the transition to Catholicism.

Brady drew Hindley the history of the Third Reich and the stories about the atrocities of the Nazis. Under its influence the girl dyed her hair blond and started dressing provocatively. The pair spent time watching adult movies and reading each other books about Nazi crimes and torture, as well as works by Fyodor Dostoevsky and the Marquis de Sade.

Hindley judo, but the members of her club refused to become a couple with a girl who was in no hurry to loosen grip. Her attempts to engage in a shooting club also failed Hindley was recognized as unstable.

I bought a pair of revolvers Webley .45 and a Smith & Wesson 38 caliber and was going to do Bank robberies, Bonnie and Clyde, but instead became interested in photography. Brady and Hindley equipped darkroom and did obscene pictures of each other. Later at the trial as material evidence were presented made them pornographic pictures of the victims.

About committing the perfect murder they thought after reading the novel by Meyer Levin’s “Compulsion” of young killers who managed to avoid punishment. Their first victim was 16-year-old Pauline Reade, a neighbor of Hindley. The girl was lured into a van and asked for help to find an expensive glove that Hindley allegedly lost on the moor. Before the murder Bradly raped the victim.

The other murders were committed in the same pattern – two children are lured into the swamp to help in the search for gloves. Ten years Leslie Ann Dini that was asked to help carry the packages to the door, was raped and murdered in the house Hindley. Killers have recorded the screams and the crying girl on the audiotape.

The last murder happened in front of the 17-year-old David Smith, who had married the younger sister of Hindley and was under the influence of the pair. Brady invited Edward Evans to their home and beaten with an axe. In a fight with a teenager, Brady injured his leg and could not carry the body to the car. Smith returned home and consulted with his wife, reported the incident to the police. The next morning the officers came to Hindley and Brady, and found in a locked room wrapped in plastic body.

During the investigation, the accomplices tried to blame each other. During the communication with the investigators Hindley only once out of yourself – when during the examination the death of her dog.

In court the accused pleaded not guilty of any one item. Shortly before the sentencing in the UK came into force “Act on the prohibition of the death penalty”, so Brady and Hindley were sentenced to life imprisonment.

After the mother of Keith Bennett turned to Hindley with a heartfelt letter, she agreed to help identify places in the swamps where she’s been with Brady, and to help find graves of the victims. So managed to find body Lesley Ann Dini.

The first years Hindley wrote Brady letter, but then cut off communication with him. It acknowledged its complicity in five murders and seriously found religion. She also prepared escape from prison with the help of his lover – one of the security guards, but the police intercepted the impressions of the keys.

Brady in prison he wrote the book “the Gates of Janus” about the most famous serial killers and high-profile murders. It was published by an American publisher.

Hindley died in November 2002 at age 60 from pneumonia. More than 20 undertakers refused to cremate “the most evil woman in Britain”. Her ashes were scattered by her ex-lover, with whom they met in prison, near Saddleworth.

Brady, Hindley was jealous because she was able to die, and he was deprived of the right to suicide.

In a British prison for the criminally insane died Ian Brady – the maniac of the pair of “swamp killers” 16.05.2017

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