Residents of the Irkutsk city Vikhorevka intend on Friday, December 2, to arrange a picket and to present the monument to the mayor in the form of cast iron radiators. Applications for the event, writes portal “the City”has already been filed.

It is assumed that to protest against the improper organization of work of municipal services will come at least 50 people. Activists are going to distribute leaflets on the situation with the heating season in Vikhorevka, as well as to present an ironic monument.

“It will be a cast-iron battery in the form of a monument with a sign “Pulyaeva G. K. from grateful residents.” A monument to warm the battery,” – explained to journalists one of organizers of picket Christine Gonohova.

The heating season in Vihorevka September cannot begin in full force. Public utilities are not able to stabilize the operation of the largest in the city’s boiler, which determines the heat supply almost half of apartment houses of the settlement. Summer to repair the boiler house was allocated 17.8 million rubles from the regional budget, and another 3.6 million rubles were given to the local authorities. During repairs revealed a new problem, which found an additional 6 million roubles, however the repair is completed.

Last week in Vihorevka was introduced emergency mode in connection with the breakdown of the heating season it criminal case under article “negligence”, the administration and the mayor’s apartment were searched, said “Taiga”.

Yesterday, 28 November, an administrative case filed against Minister of housing policy, energy and transport of the Irkutsk region Andrey Kapitonov – the MOE believethat he has not fulfilled the duty on protection of population from emergency situations caused by disruption of the heating season. According to head of the Central Directorate of the MOE in the Irkutsk region Valentina Nelyubova, last Friday the court found guilty of a misdemeanor of the mayor of Vikhorevka Gennady Pulyaeva, it imposed a fine.

Deputy Prime Minister of the Irkutsk region of the Channel on the eve of Bolotov reported to the Minister of construction and housing Russian Mikhail Menu, to normalize the situation in Vihorevka needed to raise five emergency teams formed from experienced professionals. However, the situation remains difficult – the problem was not only in the boiler room, but in the complete unpreparedness of heating systems and components for carrying out the heating season.

“Only a complete deregulation of the media and disruption of the hydraulic modes can you explain that in the same building, on different risers – coolant temperature differs more than 15 degrees”, – said Bolotov.

In Irkutsk stressed that since 2010, the boiler room, providing most of the warmth of the village,has invested over 100 million rubles. It is already known that in the summer of 2017 will require a major overhaul of four boilers, instrumentation, equipment, fuel, etc., that you need to allocate 40 million roubles.

We also found out that the boiler room employees of delayed salaries and the supply of coal is intermittent. Boiler called “hot Water” serves 159 apartment houses, 5 schools, 6 kindergartens, 5 community facilities, 2 hospitals. In the residential sector is home 12871 people, including 5400 pensioners, 3,000 children.

In a freezing Irkutsk city decided to erect a monument to the mayor in the form of batteries 29.11.2016

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