In Northern Greece in the village of prophitis 35 kilometers from the famous
resort Thessaloniki parents of students have tried
to block the entrance to the school, where he was to begin classes at the new
the training program for refugees from Syria and Afghanistan, reports Fox

About a hundred police officers formed a corridor on the outskirts of the school to
to give the opportunity to enter the building 40 the children of immigrants, according to Channel News Asia , citing AFP. About the same number of
parents that had locked the school gates, waving Greek
flags and blamed local education authorities. According to estimates by the AP,
the protesters were about 20.

Parents protested against the launch of a national educational
programs for refugees. Some shouted that, for various reasons
fear for their children. “Our children are raped, who will take over this
responsibility?” – said one of the protesters. “We were told that these
children vaccinated, but that’s something very hard to believe,” – filed a claim

Of the 20 schools in different parts of the country where children will be taught of migrants
incident of rejection, recorded only in the Prophitis.
AP mentions that some parents in other parts of Greece
expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that school will be used for training
with the refugees. In September, the parents of Oraiokastro too close to
Thessaloniki has announced that they will not let refugees into their schools because they are not vaccinated. Similar problems arose on the island of Lesbos.

As reported by the Athens English-language newspaper Kathimerini, the Minister of education Nikos Filis, commenting on the program on Sunday the TV channel ERT, said: “Greek society is ready to accept refugee children”. About the protests of his parents, he has mentioned as “individual cases”.

Phyllis assured that the school will appropriately vaccinated children, and added: “While they are in the country, refugee children will play with the Greek children. We are to care for them and provide them with education, is a legal and moral obligation”.

The Pappas Post writes that the students of one of the Athenian schools have posted school backpacks for the phrase: “Refugees, welcome”.

In most other schools, children of refugees was also accepted, and in
one of the schools of Thessaloniki and the Greek children welcomed newcomers
a round of applause. This school was visited by the mayor Yannis Boutaris, which gave
the children sweets and made a speech. “These children were saved from hell said
he. Soon they will study the Greek and you will have the opportunity
play together with them.”

Migrant children will be taught after Greek. Lessons will be
to be held from 14 to 18 hours. According to the authorities, in the country now
there are about 60 thousand migrants, including thousands of Syrians,
who fled from the civil war and waiting for asylum or
the solution of resettlement in other EU countries. Around 1,500 children from
the regions affected by military actions, has gone to school.
It is expected that by the end of the month part of the program will be more than 10 thousand

In a Greek village near Thessaloniki, the parents locked the school from migrant children 11.10.2016

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