The Metropolitan police have detained a man who was severely beaten in the workplace a female medic, a senior Department of the hospital. According to preliminary data, attack was made on the basis of a love relationship.

Injuries in the attack, received a head of the therapeutic Department of the hospital N40 of the city of Moscow Tatiana H. she is diagnosed with a large hematoma on the side of his face and a concussion, reports 360.

The incident occurred on Sunday around 19:30. According to 33-year-old suspect Andrew M., he came to a medical facility together with the civil wife Tatyana H. In the office of the man and the woman “got in a fight on home soil”.

According to Andrei, Tatiana began to insult and provoke. The woman also refused to give the satellite the keys to the apartment in which she currently resides. Then Andrew in front of other medical personnel had beaten his beloved and tore her hair.

“Inadequate people in alcoholic intoxication demanded that she got up, and went with him some kind of question”, – tells about the causes of the conflict, a colleague of the victim, Anastasia.

She also contends that Andrew has repeatedly used to Tatiana’s physical strength. The last time a woman filed a police report about the beating, supported by a medical certificate about the bruising, just three weeks ago.

And November 20, Andrew made a “deliberate attempt to beat a man to death because he could not pull away, four grown men”.

“Within five minutes he was holding her by the hair and beaten on the face and head. During the fight, he dropped the printer, with the hit on it,” – said Anastasia details of a brawl involving Tatiana and Andrew.

According to the employee of the hospital, the victim “no longer communicates and lives” with the suspect.

After Andrew was taken to the police station, he tried in the chamber to open to itself veins, using benches unscrewed from the bolt. The man was given medical assistance.

In a Moscow hospital, the visitor beat a printer head of the Department 21.11.2016

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