The documents of the OGPU, who watched the author of “the Master and Margarita”, photographs, letters and other unique exhibits will be presented in the exhibition hall “New Manege” exhibition “Bulgakov. Two biographies,” which opens Friday, October 28.

The exhibition will become the Central event of the celebration of the 125th anniversary of the birthday of the writer. To the curators of the project from the Bulgakov Museum has collected more than 700 exhibits from archives and Museum collections of Moscow and St. Petersburg, reports “Interfax”.

Part of the exposition will be a recreated Museum of the third Moscow apartment of Bulgakov lost during the demolition in the late 1970-ies of the house 3/5 Nadolinski in the alley. The layout of the interiors was recreated from surviving photographs, drawings and memories of your writer friends. In this apartment Bulgakov lived for six years – until the end of his days he worked on “the Master and Margarita” and also wrote “Notes of a dead man” and the play “Batum” about the early years of Stalin.

“Almost three months we open impossible Bulgakov Museum. The Museum – because of the original folds, like a puzzle, a story. Newspaper with the first publication of Bulgakov – the world’s only copy, galleys of “the White guard”, a number from the dressing room of the Moscow art Theater, forgotten in his pocket, the testimony in the interrogation, a prescription for a monocle, monocle, monocle photo. A TV interview with his wife – we saw him in the lens, the operator 40 years ago. The impossible Museum – because to put the pieces of this mosaic from 30 museums, archives, libraries and private collections is obtained about once in 125 years”, – said the Director of the Bulgakov Museum Peter Mansilla Cruz.

The total exhibition area is nearly fifteen hundred square meters. The first part is devoted to theatre history, productions and fight with the Soviet censorship, and the fate of Bulgakov as playwright and actor. The second part talks about “independent life” of his works.

The project is scheduled lectures, case discussions, more “virtual” tours and film screenings. The exhibition will run until January 9.

In a non-existent Moscow apartment of Bulgakov opens “the impossible Museum” 25.10.2016

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