The staff of the Taipei zoo in Taiwan were forced to disappoint the visitors who came to admire the pending birth of a baby Panda. A female named Yuanyuan faked a pregnancy to get the best conditions and more attention.

Thus, according to China News with reference to the representatives of the zoo, cute pandas earlier really showed signs of pregnancy. At the end of March Yuanyuan underwent artificial insemination, after that she lost her appetite, she became apathetic, and tests revealed a high level of progesterone. However, a month later, the symptoms gradually disappeared.

In July 2013 Yuanyuan gave birth to a daughter. Then, as a future mother, otherwise spoiled and allowed to escape the heat indoors with air conditioning. Besides, she got all sorts of Goodies and reinforced portions of bamboo and fruit. Apparently, the Panda was able to draw the right conclusions.

However, according to experts at the Panda breeding, even with the hormonal and behavioral changes confirm pregnancy in these animals can only be a day or two before the birth, notes the Global Times.

Users of social networks called Yuanyuan smart and cute. “Life is difficult. She faked a pregnancy for the sake of coolness and easy life in the summer”, says one of the residents of the Chinese province of Hebei.

In 2005, the PRC government proposed to give Yuanyuan and another Panda Tuantuan (their names together make the word “reunion”) to Taiwan authorities, however, who was then President Chen Shui-bian refused to accept the gift. Pandas arrived on the island only after returning to power in the region of the Kuomintang in 2008.

Simultaneously with the exposure in Taiwan became aware of the birth of Panda twins named Lin Ping, which is contained in the center for the study of pandas ya’an in Thailand. It was the first birth for six-year-old females. Her two daughters weigh just over 200 grams. They were born as a result of artificial insemination, according to the website

In a zoo of Taipei exposed the Panda, stimulirovalo pregnancy for the sake of conditioning and treats 29.07.2015

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