The detainee for a bribe in two million dollars of eks-the Minister of economic development Alexei Ulyukayev was not the only senior official who developed the law enforcement authorities, report “Vedomosti”.

According to informed source from the security forces, the targets of “development” also became the Vice Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich, presidential aide Andrei Belousov, Director of the Department of economic development Oksana Tarasenko and assistant Shuvalova Marina Romanova.

The wire of the speaker, which was conducted in the summer of 2016 and over for the Minister’s resignation and house arrestbegan after his performances against the participation of “Rosneft” in the privatization of “Bashneft”. Interestingly, Dvorkovich, and Belousov also opposed this transaction.

The Russian government convened an emergency session

However, the speaker among all the officials of the economic block was most vulnerable – his team have long observed the law enforcement agencies, told “Vedomosti” three Federal officials, referring to numerous complaints about irregularities in the appointments in the building. This was even reported to the President, said one of them. However, Ulyukayev was strong support in the person of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev – he called him to this position, although the President has already advised another candidate, told “Vedomosti” members of the government and employees of presidential administration.

Medvedev, speaking at a meeting of the faction “United Russia” on 15 November, called the detention of the speaker a heavy event for the country. “What happened is beyond my understanding. Yesterday I discussed this topic with the President of the country. He has the same opinion”, – he said. As reported “Interfax” immediately after arrest representatives of the UK, during the arrest, “Ulyukayev tried to reach patrons, but in vain.”

“Curse Bashneft”

Minister Ulyukayev was detained November 14, when receiving a bribe in two million dollars for issued a positive assessment of the Department, which allowed Rosneft to buy back the state of 50.08% of shares of “Bashneft”. According to investigators, the speaker, extorting bribes, threatened the representatives of “Rosneft”. While the company Igor Sechin, in the office, which received a bribe to the Minister of economic development Ulyukayev, a result not interested. It was also reported that the development of the Minister was held with the direct participation of the head of the security service of “Rosneft” Oleg Feoktistov.

The current arrest Ulyukayev observers have associated with the “curse “Bashneft”. The speaker is not the first who came under investigation of law enforcement agencies in connection with the sale of “Bashneft”. First, in April 2014, was the son of the President of Bashkiria Murtaza Rakhimov Ural, which, according to investigators illegally privatized company, and then illegally sold it to AFK “System” Vladimir Yevtushenkov. But to Rakhimov’s son from Austria, where he lives, the investigation had failed. He declared in the international search.

Thus, up to this point Yevtushenkov was the most famous victims in the case of “Bashneft”. He spent three months under house arrest after the initiation of criminal proceedings against him in 2014, but then he was recognized as a bona fide purchaser, and the case was closed in January 2016.

In addition to Ulyukaev, the law enforcement “developed” Dvorkovich and Shuvalov’s aide – “Vedomosti” 16.11.2016

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